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what will happen f lebron james is in the memphis or in the sonics?wl he mke t 2 d fnls jst lke d cavs??

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    yes, if they start out fresh, lebron james with rudy gay, or lebron james with kevin durant and jeff green

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    western conference is very different from the eastern conference. The difficulty would be much higher than being in the east. And the cavs is much better team than sonics or memphis for Lebron to fill in.

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    ok first of all he's never going to be there, hell never be a free agent b/c the cavs will always sign him back. the only way he will get out there is if he demands a trade and i dont think he would be demanding to go to the sonics or memphis.

  • choy
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    last year was a fluke

    they got the benefit of the schedule

    won't happen this year

    and out in the west, you have to go through tough teams like Phoenix and San Antonio. LBJ can't fluke a finals appearance through those two teams

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think the players besides lebron are somewhat underrated, although the finals run was still a fluke..

    Z is actually really good, just kinda old

    they wouldn't have been so lucky were it not for D gibson

    larry hughes/varjao don't impress me too much

    gooden is actually a perty good player.

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    Yes, he does a lot for the cavs and he can do the same for the others.

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    probably but I want james to stay on da cavs

  • 1 decade ago

    nope, because they play in the west. West is too hard to beat with one (amazing) player

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