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More old timers?

There is a rumor of an old-timer series in NASCAR for the retired drivers and the now retired Cup cars. I would dearly love to see Buddy Baker and David Pearson on a short track again. Any thoughts?

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    it is not a rumor all true here are entered drivers:

    Drivers In Line To Compete!!!

    00 Johnny Rumley 32 Tim Fedewa

    75 Bob Schacht

    01 Jerry Nadeau 33 Harry Gant 92 Larry Pearson

    08 Bobby Dotter

    44 Andy Santerre

    98 Larry Pollard

    11 Andy Hillenburg 45 Rich Bickle Geoff Bodine

    11 Jack Ingram

    46 Carl Long Derrike Cope

    12 Ronnie Silver 48 James Harvey Hylton Phil Parsons

    12 Charlie Glotzbach 59 Robert Pressley Tracy Leslie

    14 Larry Moore 63 Chuck Bown Dick Trickle

    21 David Pearson

    70 Joe Ruttman Lake Speed

    25 Bill Venturini 71 Dave Marcis Ronnie Thomas

    29 Ron Hutcherson 74 Randy LaJoie Tommy Houston

    Ernie Irvan Tom Pistone Ken Bouchard

    Ron Bouchard Rick Wilson

    TENTATIVE 2008 Schedule

    Date Race Track Affiliate Race

    (SUN) May 18 Concord Speedway Cup All-Star Race

    (THUR) May 22 Concord Speedway Cup Lowes M.S.

    (FRI) June 13 Springport Speedway Cup Michigan

    (THUR) July 3 New Smyrna Speedway Cup Daytona

    (FRI) July 18 Music City Motorplex Cup Weekend Off

    (FRI) August 15 Springport Speedway Cup Michigan

    (THUR) September 4 Langley Speedway Cup Richmond

    (THUR) October 9 Hickory Speedway Cup Lowes M.S.

    (FRI) October 17 South Boston Speedway Cup Martinsville

    February 11, 2009 New Smyrna (Last Chance Race) Cup Daytona

    February 12, 2009 New Smyrna (Championship Race) Cup Daytona

    for more information http://www.osrct.com/index.htm

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    I have always thought that. They could call it the seniors tour. Maybe a shorter race than normal, during the off season would be cool that way fans can still have their NASCAR and see their old-time favorites race again. I would love it.

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    Heard the same rumor and it sounds like they are going to have 6-8 races. Hope this is true because it will FAN-TASTIC.

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    That would be awesome!!

    I would definitely watch that I have never seen some of those guys race before and that woul dbe awesome.

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    Cool, I hope Michael Waltrip races in it.

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    Mikey wouldn't be eligible, but I don't see the KIng there either.

    No dates near me either, darn it.

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