Where do I download many popular songs in .kar file format?

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Since my computer has a built-in karaoke program, it only runs files that are .kar or .midi with lyrics. Problem is, nearly everywhere I google for .kar songs, the searches return ...show more
Update : OK, so I checked, and my program already can play MP3+G files. Problem ...show more
Best Answer
The Kar Format Isn't A Very Popular Format For Karaoke.
It's A Midi File That Some One Has Added Graphics.
My Suggestion Is If You Want To Have access to newer songs. That You Get A Program That Will Play MP3+G Or MP3+G Zipped.
You Can Get A Free Program That Will Play MP3+G Zipped Here
You Can Also Purchase New Songs In MP3+G Zipped Format From This Site.
Good Luck JYM
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