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Mexico ?! ...please help?

im flying from florida to mexico city

im gonna have 4 days in Mexico

i want to go

- beautiful beach (not too touristy, and is safe)

- visit historic places

- shopping

where would be the best ? for 4 days?

And is 400$-500$ enough ?


Thank you very much for any suggestion

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    Hotels in Mexico city are very expensive. ..restaurants will definetly need more money. Youwill NOT have time to travel to the beach. I am putting a site below for a small family run hotel in a very nice area of Mexico city, just 2 blocks from the American Embassy. It will be the BEST price you can is very simple, but also, very safe and clean. You can eat cheaply at the tiny little restaurants you see in every block...avoid street vendors, excet the one just down the street from this little hotel about half a is great. Avoid the fancy restaurants...way too expensive. Ask at the hotel for guidance about where to go and how to get there....but NOT after dark. Ownwer and his daughter speak English. Keep your passport and cash in a passport pouch around your neck and tucked inside your pants...don't flash money, be discreet, keep only a little in your pocket. There are tours of Mexico city, double decker buses...ask at the hotel. You will need to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel...use ONLY one of the prepaid the airport there is a counter where you pay for the taxi and they give you a ticket you take out to where you get a taxi. Be prepared toPRAY a lot...traffic in Mexico city is beyond anything imaginable! Taxi drivers have a lot of NERVE, but they are very TALENTED! Let the hotel staff recommend where you should go. Have a great trip...take MORE money...actually, an ATM card is what you need to take. There are ATM machines everywhere. You will need more than $500.00. If you get the smallest room at Casa Gonzales, I think it is about $50.00 a nite.

    Also...if you do go to Casa Gonzales...there is no sign or name on the outside is just a big dark blue gate at # 69 Rio Sena...there is a door bell on it...ring the bell and give them a few minutes...sometimes they are a little slow getting to it...but you will like it there...very nice refurbished old mansion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Now Charlie gave you a good recomendation in Zona Rosa Mex City, I will add also in zona Rosa Hotel Del Angel, and there is other options, Zona Rosa is a spot in Mexico City that use tobe "the place" to hang around from late 1960's to the end of the 80´s. Nowadays is "HIP" for the gay community, stil full with stores, plaza del angel has some antic shops, But the Zona Rosa has lost most of its glamour from before, yet is in a very strategic zone where you can move to key touristic spots in the city there is a lot of travel agencies, restaurants etc..

    Near by you can visit -Museo de Antropología-, where you could see how early mexicans populated the area and some other facts,

    CASTILLO DE CHAPULTEPEC- is the History museum is settle on the top of a hill in a huge park called Chapultepec is a former emperors casttle that has a graet view at the top with beautiful skyline check it at the web.

    Also in Chapultepec there is art Museums and a Zoo, and a small but pretty amusement park.

    You can also use the TURIBUS right infront of the Auditorium Nacional so you can take a tour of that part of the city.

    Also check in your hotel for visits to the ruins of Teotihuacan, its like an hour + away in the limits of the city and is impresive to see the pyramids..

    Down Town of Mexico city its the Zocalo and nearby is the

    MUSEO TEMPLO MAYOR, where you can see the history of the aztecs and the ruins that lie underground of the city

    While in Downtown, try to stay in the main sqre and if you walk try to go west, NEVER WALK EAST, a lot af tourist go east and thats where LA MERCED is, a dangerous spot at down town, Also Try to avoid Walk North, at least not far North from the main sqre there is a zone called TEPITO, that is a bad neighborhood since Aztec times and still is the most dangerous spot of the city.

    Avoid heavy jewerly, fancy watches, expensive sunglasses or puorses while in Mexico City, and try to keep you money in your pants close to your body.

    Other tips always get a cab from a SITIO, don´t try to just get some from the ones that are passing by, Subway is ok but avoid rush hours 7 am to 9 am, 2pm- 3 pm, 6pm to 7 pm because its going to be very crowdy.

    I´ll suggest to stay in Mexico city for a Day and visit what ever you like. then try to go to to the beach, Acapulco is the nearest , 4 hrs away, and try to ask for Copala, a fishermans town, very rustic but cheap.

    I´ll think you will need like 800 Usd at least.

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  • 3 years ago

    Good task Memo. Even regardless that I am a Chivas fan I acquired handy it to Memo he did a Fantastic task protecting Mexico's target. Memo must get the commencing task for the leisure of this turnament with the exhibit he placed on final night time. Good task Nery and Ramoncito additionally. As for the USA and Mexico fit. do you all realize that USA has crushed Mexico in USA just like the final 8 occasions within the US grounds. That method they play of their possess turf and had the ref abilities. I could like to look USA move play all the ones suits in El Stadio Azteca and wonder whether they got here up with a win? I doubt it! QUE VIVA MEXICO CARBONES!!!

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    no, mexico has many good places, with that amount youll survive onlu 2 days in mex city, you want a beach near you can take a bus to acpulco, by bus is five hours by car three hours if you go 65 miles is four no one goes at 60, we go at 100 miles hour, shopping great malls, for cheap things buy in the street and they will disolve at the first wash. mexico is safe, as long as you dont be nasty, just be nice, take taxis fron hotel, and not by the street. you have the antropologu meusim, , histic center el zocalo, the piramids, xochimilco, puebla, many things.

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    The closest beach to Mexico city is Acapulco is around 4.5 hours driving, is very nice place, with a lot of clubs and bars, you can find a hotel from $500 mexican pesos per nigth. the food you will spend around $50 mexican pesos per person in every food.

    For the airport you need go by taxi to the closest bus station wich is TAPO, the taxi will be around $150 mp,or you can go by metro (underground) and will be $2mp,you can catch the underground walking for the airport and you have to go to the station "SAN LAZARO"

    the tiket from Mexico City to Acapulco will be around $600

    If you wanna go to Mexico City, you should go by metro to the "ZOCALO" is the centre of Mexico City when the aztecas saw the eagle eating a snake on a cactus like the gods told them and there made the city "La gran tenochtitlan" is lovely big square, there is the biggest church in all america "La catedral metropolitana" and behind the curch you can take the touribus around $200 wich is going to all the tourist places in Mexico City, with information in spanish, english, germany, italian, french, and japanese. In the same place you can book a tour to go to "Teotihuacan" there you can see the majestic piramids and the old city

    The next link is about some mexican travel agencies where you can find some good paquet to go from Mexico City to the beach.

    Somebody said something about ZONA ROSA in Mexico city, used to be a good place for nigth life, but not anymore,now is the gay zone, so if you are gay, you'll be very happy, but if not, don't go there, the nigth life now is in "La condesa" near to zona rosa, everybody know it.

    Enjoy your holidays and if is posible, bring some tortillas for me. I am 100% sure that you will love my Mexico!!!

    Source(s): I am mexican form Mexico City. The 8th richest city in the world
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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think $400 is enough, that will barely get you a 3 night pkg. to Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo that includes; flight from Mexico City, hotel and breakfast. Visit: for beach trips.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mexico City is in the center of the continent. You will be a thousand miles from any beach!

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    if you go to mexco city dont think your going to be close to the beach!!

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  • mmmmh.. I think more.

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