Can someone help me with the following issue with Windows Movie Maker or reccomend a free video editor.......


I have recently purchased a Hitachi HDD camcorder which records in Mpeg 2 format. I have successfully filmed with the camcorder, uploaded the files to the computer and played them. Now i want to edit them together. I have used Windows Movie Maker for a number of years and wanted to use that but when i import the clip into movie maker either by dragging it and dropping it in or by going to import i get this error message. "File Name and Location.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from.

Now i would like to know if this error could be fixed. I have tried to convert the files using some free video convertors with not much success. I have also tried some shareware video editors Wax 2.0 and AVS video editor which seem good but are shareware products so are not much good as they come out with a watermark over the video. So is there anyother free video editors out there, a fix for Windows Movie Maker or a free decent video convertor i could u

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    VideoSpin is a free brand new tool that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. With this fully functional video editing software you can:

    * Mix videos, photos and music together

    * Add titles and transitions

    * Upload to the web in a snap!

    * Direct upload to YouTube and Flash support

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    Just transfer them directly by an IEEE link or 1394 or firewire(3 names for same thing)to the windows movie maker ,just check the camcorder if its support this connection wire .and try to buy it (13$ in BestBuy) if you don't have it with your camcorder.

    OR, for converting , try the SUPER from (free)it supports the 16:9 aspect ratio also ,and convert the files to WMV or AVI to be compatible with WMM .

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