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Buy LV in france

I want to buy LV in France, it is cheaper than in Hong Kong?

How much tax can be refund?

And how can I get the tax free? If I buy in france and leave in London, or other EU country, how can I do?

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    Yes, it's cheaper to buy in Paris France than Hong Kong as a Non-Resident of EU, you are entitled to claim back the 12% tax you pay on your purchases at Louis Vuitton Official Store, or in Galeries Lafayette.

    Detaxe : save 12%

    How does the tourist tax refund work?

    Conditions (subject to government regulations):

    -Have your passport attesting that you are a non-resident of the European Union -

    - You will then be issued a Tax Refund Form ("bordereau de détaxe") consisting of two sheets to be signed by the retailer and yourself. Please note that the person who made the purchases must be present when the tax refund form is issued.

    What to do when exiting the European Union:

    - When exiting the European Union, the tax refund form must be validated by European Union Customs within three months of the purchase, at either the airport, train station or border point.

    - Before checking your luggage, present the tax form together with your purchases, passport and transportation ticket for inspection by Customs. Failure to present these items will result in cancellation of the forms and a possible fine.

    -Upon validation of your form by Customs, if you have selected a cash reimbursement, please proceed to the designated desk in the airport, train station or border point. For all other methods of reimbursement, you must post the pink sheet stamped by Customs within 6 months of the sale in the pre-paid T envelope provided and be sure to keep the other sheet as your customer copy.

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    euro is so expensive ,now not much difference, you can enjoy 12% detax at the airport before you get on board,you just keep the receipt and the product to show the staff at the detax counter will be ok.

    even you buy in france and leave in London or other EU country will be ok, and of course you must holding not european passport

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