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1. In 2004 Erine writes his own age after his father's. From this new four-digit number Erine subtracts the absolute value of the difference of their ages to get 4,289. What was the sum of their in 2000?

2.An ordinary clock in a factory is running slow so that the minute hand passes the hour hand at the usual dial position(12 o'clock, etc) but only every 69 minutes. At thim and one-half for overtime, what is the extra pay to which a $4.00 per hour worker should be entitled after working a normal 8 hour day by that slow running clock?




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    1.2004 年Erine 寫他自己的年齡在他的父親以後的。從這個新四位數數字Erine 減去他們的年齡區別的絕對值得到4,289 。什麼是他們2000 年的總和?

    2.一個普通的時鐘在工廠是跑慢以便分針通過時針通常撥號盤位置(12 時, 等) 但唯一每69 分鐘。在thim 和二分之一為額外時間, 什麼是一$4.00 每小時工作者應該被給權在工作以後法線8 個小時天由那個慢連續時鐘的額外付款?

    p.s. thim 我不知是什麼意思

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