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Questions for Christians and Non-Christians?

Just doing a little research.


1) What are the three main Bible teachings that bother you?

2) What is the worst experience you've personally had with a Christian (in real life, not online)?

3) Do you see Christianity as dangerous? If so how?


1) What are the three main Bible teachings that attracted you to the faith?

2) Did anyone outside your immediate family help bring you to Christ? If so who, and how did they help?

3) What is the most absurd thing you've ever heard a non-Christian say about Christianity?

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    1) That other nations worship false gods, instead of realizing that there is only one God of all nations, and that the other nations also worshipped that one God, albeit through different names.

    That God told the Israelites to slaughter innocent people: men, women, children, infants, animals.

    That only Christians can go to heaven.

    2) My college roommate would only talk to me if she felt that in the conversation she could try to convert me. She prayed for me on the phone with her mother right in front of me, knowing I could hear every word. She thought I was going to hell, and she would openly pray about this in front of me. But she wouldn't talk to me, or invite me anywhere, unless she felt that by so doing, she could have a chance to convert me. I felt very dehumanized. I felt she thought I was so unworthy. And what irritated me so bad is she acted all perfect. But she had many sins that she hid, but I knew about them. Why couldn't she just admit her problems to me? I wanted to help her (she was bulimic) but she considered me unworthy to help her, since I was not a Christian.

    3) I see exclusivism as dangerous. It is intolerant and leads to disrespect of other human beings who follow different ways.

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    "Christians" and "non-Christians" logically encompasses everyone. So why not just ask "Questions for everyone?"


    1. none actually. I experienced God through music. What are my three favorite now? 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Joshua 1:9, John 15:13 (and yes, I consider those teachings)

    2. Yes. Whoever was playing the music. A very important friend of mine brings me closer every day.

    3. That it is plagarized from Mithraism or of the life of Horus. Why? Because it's a baseless claim. The supposed similarities between them are completely and utterly fabricated and do not exist in any primary source. The fact that people so readily believe this without proof, and yet mock Christians for believing things without proof is absolutely absurd to me.

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    1. Noah and The Flood, The Book of Job, Slavery supported in the bible.

    2. Never personally had a real bad experience with a Christian. I have met a few obnoxious people but I just walk away.

    3. SomeChristians, I believe, want to convert the whole world to their way of thinking and to make their belief system the Law of the Land. This is very dangerous.

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    The bible would not pontificate hatred, this is basically that some human beings use the bible as a thank you to sell it. in area of certainty that we are all sinners, meaning we are all unrighteous - i.e. "evil". Sin is sin, this is all. some preaching the "comprehend God" are fairly basically self-righteous and hateful people who've forgotten that they are not extra powerful than every person else. God isn't fascinated in destroying human beings. He needs to help them. He needs to restoration them. Muslims choose Jesus. We don't have abortions, yet while somebody has, they are no worse than the different sinner, regardless of what some Christians might have you ever suspect. this is the undesirable certainty that the comparable people who locate Jesus finally end up becomming the main significant reason human beings do not desire something to do with Him. So, incredibly, i'm asserting the justifications for the hatred is by technique of the fact various Christians are basically terrible human beings. Like everybody else.

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    1)It's not so much the Bible that bothers me, just how people use and abuse it. The part in Acts where God strikes dead the couple who lies or whatever always bothered me, but I can't think of much else.

    2)Being at rallies for justice and having "Christians" being hateful and bigoted towards other people and trying to justify it. Also "Christians" who are so into money that they don't care who gets exploited to make them wealthy.

    3)I don't think real Christianity is dangerous. Just the kind that attempts to take control over our government and make laws to control other people's lives in ways that have no effect on their lives whatsoever i.e. abortion and gay rights. There is absolutely nothing in the Bible to support that kind of domination.

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  • neil s
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    1) There are no "teachings" in the Bible, just the musings of bronze/iron age desert goat herders. For it to 'teach' anything, it would first have to be true, which is easily shown not to be the case..

    2) I saw an Episcopal priest try to buy a 10 year old Indian boy from his parents for sex. I was on the Gat in Varanasi, and was almost arrested for splitting his head with a piece of bamboo.

    3) Yes; someone conditioned or intellectually deficient enough to believe what any Abrahamic faith says is capable of any atrocity, and the US seems to think their vote should count equally to those of rational people. Faith flew planes into buildings; it has no place in the modern world.

    Source(s): Theological Noncognitivist
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    1)The Creation story,Transubstantiation and its implications, Last Days Prophecies.

    2)Yes. The leader of our music ministry team asked me to help with the music for a 'charismatic' prayer meeting. Turned out to be a revival of sorts. I hit the ground running and charged for a long time.

    3) Think Outside the Box covered that pretty thoroughly. lol.

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    Non-christian (atheist)

    1) The order for prosetylizing, Sola scriptura, and the concept of "end of times"...

    2) I was stabbed by one, admittedly not over religion but that's the worst... For religious worse, I'd say your average verbal attacks *shrug*

    3) Yes. Historical evidence... Give christians power, and anyone else suffers. Present day evidence, look how nice theocratic governments function in general. Geopolitics, the only country to ever use nuclear weapons against civilians recently went to war because "god told them to"... I have no wish to be the next on god's list.

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    1) god creating the earth/animals, sodom & gomorrah, stoning women who are not vrgins on their wedding night

    2) a teacher preaching christianity in a public school classroom.

    3) Yes, because it teaches people to not take responsibility for their own actions and gives them false ideas about science, humanity, death, etc.

    Source(s): atheist
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    3) that we are hypocrites.

    no, we aren't. yes we teach against sin, when we sin ourselves, but we also say that ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. we try not to sin. we don't claim to be perfect and we shouldn't, so i don't

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