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I'm hearing radio through my headphones?

I plugged in my head phones to my computer speakers. Its late so there is no noise around. With no sounds playing from the computer, I can faintly hear talking through the headphones as if its trying to pick up radio waves. Possible?

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    It's very possible.

    All you need to pick up radio signals is a pair of headphones, a piece of wire, a toilet paper tube, a pencil, and a rusty razor blade!

    With all the circuitry and wires connected to a PC, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you picked up a local radio station.

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  • Duh
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    Absolutely. Speakers are receivers with or without power. We've had reports of people picking up radio signals in their teeth (true). So the fact that you are getting a faint signal in your cans is no surprise. It probably won't affect your listening to the program material for which you are actually wearing them, because that signal will quickly overcome the transient signal you are hearing.

    -a guy named duh

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