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Cavalier girl asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Why a pit bull?

Ok when the pit bull started to become a problem because of idiots and their fighting it seems that theres A LOT more people owning pit bulls?!?!!?Everytime i look at the paper theres so many pits for sale/adoption. I dont know if everyones trying to show people that they can be a good dog but im just curiose. i mean i know they can be sweethearts but just wondering. (heres a little fact for y'all....did you know a pit bull can lock its jaws shut? yup yup heard it from a vet that works with my grandma)


ok ok shoot me and slit my wrists! sorry my vets a dummy. i dont know much about them i was just curiose on why the big pit bull explosion? it seems many people want them now that they have a rep of "bad". dont get me wrong i love them. my neigbor has 1 and shes a really sweet dog. and i think all dogs are born "normal" its just the dumbys that raise them for fighting.

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    To start, Pit Bull is not a breed of dog, it’s a term typically used to group 3 breeds

    of dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier (ABPT), American Staffordshire Terrier

    (AMSTAFF) and the Staffordshire Terrier (STAFFIE).

    The Pit Bull is probably the most misunderstood dog in the United

    States. People see them and cross the street out of fear and try to

    ban them from their cities. Why? Simply stated, lack of education

    on the breeds. The public only sees negative stories in the news.

    Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs in the hands of responsible owners just

    like any other breed. As with any dog, there will always be

    irresponsible owners and poorly bred dogs. That does NOT mean

    that all of these dogs are evil! The majority of domestic violence

    in the US is caused by men, are all men considered evil and dangerous, No.

    Then why would all Pit Bulls be dangerous because of a few bad owners?

    For hundreds of years Pit Bulls were bred to fight dogs, certain traits were bred

    into the bloodlines for that purpose, such as a high pain tolerance, high prey

    drive, etc. However a quality that was never bred into pit bulls was human

    aggression. Human “aggressive” dogs were undesirable as these dogs required

    extensive handling prior to and during their fights AND most of these dogs were

    also family pets so no human “aggression” was ever tolerated. Dogs that

    exhibited human “aggression” were typically killed, meaning that only human

    friendly lines were perpetuated and desired.

    It has been said that a Pit Bull never met a stranger. They love and adore

    humans. They want so much to be apart of your family and spend time with you

    watching TV, walking, driving, etc. I have seen severely abused and neglected

    pit bulls, who see you coming and they can’t wait to be petted and loved. Even

    after the abuse, they want nothing more than to be with a family of their own!

    As with any breed there are exceptions to the normal temperament and


    So you may ask yourself, who would own a pit bull? Well here are a few:

    • Anthony Robbins

    • Molly Price, Actress from Third


    • General George Patton

    • Fred Astaire

    • Stephany Kramer

    • President Woodrow Wilson

    • Jan Michael Vincent

    • Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

    • Alicia Silverstone

    • Humphrey Bogart

    • John Steinbeck

    • Fatty Arbuckle

    • Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    • Mo Vuaghn (NY Mets)

    • James Ellroy (Author)

    • Amy Jo Johnson (Actress)

    • Barbra Eden

    • Rosie Perez

    • Kelli Williams, actress from The


    • James Caan

    • Shaq O’neil

    • Judd Nelson

    • Michael J. Fox

    • President Theodore Roosevelt

    • Walter Scott, Author

    • Ken Howard, Who's life was saved

    by his pit bull

    • Usher and his family own 2 beautiful

    pit bulls.

    • Thomas Edison

    • Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft

    • Julian Schnabel, Artist

    • Stephan Jenkins, Singer

    • Madonna

    • Jack Dempsey

    • Helen Keller

    • Bernadette Peters

    • Jon Stewart

    • Stephan Jenkins

    • Tamika Dixon (Athlete)

    • Earl Holliman

    • David Spade

    • Robert Ferguson, Green Bay Packer

    There are many more. Maybe next time you well take the time to know what you are talking about and just maybe you well not come off sounding like a fool who as no idea what a good dog would look like if one came up and bit her on the butt.

    Source(s): By the way there are now pver 5000 service dogs that are also pit bulls. They also keep us safe by being police, SAR and detection dogs. Do you think they would be trained for these jobs if what you hear in the news was right. There are something like 25 breeds people mistake for pit bulls so you can not go by the stats. Even the CDC says that the figures are off and says thier reports should not be used in passing laws for dangerous dogs.
  • 6 years ago

    i own my american pit bull terrier because i was raised around them and my children will be raised around them not only because they are one of the most beautiful breeds out there but because they are the most LOYAL breed you will find people give this breed a bad name dogs are not born vicious people make them that way and by the way if you look up the top ten dogs that bit the 'pit bull' is not even on the list my 2 year old daughters best friend is a 85 pound male american pit bull terrier they eat,sleep and play together everyday my wife has a chihuahua that has bit two of my kids while i have 3 pits that wouldn't dream of harming anything unless you were trying to cause my family harm so all of you ignorant people that place blame in the wrong place stop spreading your lies and get educated on the breed theres a reason our fore fathers called them nanny dogs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No "Pitbulls" or another Breed of Dog can "Lock Its Jaw" I Sujest you get another vet!.

    Why Pitbulls Its just like saying why Labs or Chihuahuas becuase we all know they bite more than Pitbulls but let me guess you didn't know that becuase it was not in the news.

    Pitbulls are Amazing and affectionate dogs , even the ones in shelters that have been abused all they want is a loving home.

    Why do you think pit bulls are so easy to train to fight?

    becuase they love us humans and they would do anything to please its owner even become a killer.

    All the APBT wants to is please its owner and be Loved

    <---------See my name Pitbulls are for Lovers and people who appreciate these wonderful breeds of dogs.

    raven blackwing -- Amen

    TKM -- Well a while back i read in the Newspaper that Eminem Died , But wait , he is still around today. All the press wants is to sell papers they don't care whether or not the things they are saying are true or not.

    The first person to have a face transplant was bitten by a ... Labrador ( wait let me guess you thought they where the friendly dogs right?)

    (i have used labs in this but however i do not believe that they should now go and ban all labs)

    Remember when German Shepard Were the "vicious" dog dObermens even once St Bernads , this is a horrible cycle that must be stopped becuase EVERY SINGLE BREED OF DOG IS CAPABLE OF BITING AND KILLING AND THEY HAVE.

  • Stark
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I was first attracted to Pit Bulls when I started volunteering at my local animal shelter when I was in High School. The Pit Bulls would come in, either owner surrendered, abandoned, or seized from a cruelty case. Even though a lot of these dogs were badly abused, they were still so forgiving of humans. A dog with his ear tore off would gladly give you kisses on the cheek.

    Since then I have done A Lot of research on the breed, and learned what a Real Pit Bull was. They are wonderful and loving family companions. But some of them just end up in the hands of cruel people, due to their intimidating looks, and powerful build. Last year I moved out on my own, and I was finally able to adopt an American Pit Bull Terrier of my own. She is Absolutely the Best companion I could ever ask for. She is obedient, friendly to Everyone and Everything. She is sweet and cuddly when inside, but active and playful when outside. And she can ALWAYS find way to make me laugh. That is why I chose to adopt a Pit Bull.

    Others may choose a Pit Bull for the wrong reasons. But the majority of people who own Pit Bulls own them because of their ability to be such wonderful family companions. I know I will ALWAYS have a Pit Bull in my house. My girl has her head lying on my lap right now.

    This is my girl:

    **FoxForce: Any dog breed is capable of attacking, and doing horrendous damage. I was attacked by a GOLDEN RETREIVER for no reason. And he left scars on my Face! How a dog acts is directly related to how well it was bred, and how it was raised. A well bred Pit Bull who is raised with love AND rules can be one of the best companions in the world.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The reason why there are so many more pits is because irresponsible people breed them and the dogs end up in shelters. Many people who adopt go to shelters and wind up with pits because that makes up the majority of the population (especially in urban areas). The exposure they have gotten also triggers name recognition and when thinking of geting a dog people say "Why not a pit?" There are also idiots who want them to look tough.

    They are also very friendly, loving, affectionate, loyal dogs and people who own the breed often continue to own these dogs because of their wonderful qualities .

    Source(s): Animal Shelter Volunteer Dog Owner
  • First off, why not a pit bull?

    Second, the jaw locking thing is a myth, your vet is wrong.

    I don't think more people are owning pit bulls, there is just more raised awareness about them lately.

    I didn't get my pit bull to show anyone anything, I got her because she is a good dog and I like the breed.

    You need to do some research. Every breed of dog can have bad traits, thats no reason to single out pits.

    Jaws locking...really. Talk about urban myths.

    Source(s): Proud Pit bull owner
  • 1 decade ago

    Pitbulls, Rotweilers, and even many other dogs can be horrible and vicious because they are not trained and cared for properly.

    It isn't the breed, but the owner. I think a lot of people are trying to help others understand that they can be good dogs, because so many people really don't believe that a pitbull can be a good dog based on reports. But dogs that act like that are dogs that are not trained right.

    ANY dog that acts like that hasn't been trained or cared for correctly regardless of the breed.

    EDIT: I want to add to many answer some. I was attacked by a cocker spaniel that bit and clawed up my face. All I did was walk by the yard of the people who owned the dog. Yes, the people were "kind" to the dog, but what we humans interpret as kindness often interprets into submission in the dog world. Dogs, when allowed to eat people scraps, sit on furniture and share a sleeping space with their owners, lead the way on walks, and beg to be fed are actually being "trained" (without the owner realizing it) that they are in charge. When a dog thinks it is in charge, everyone ends up in a very dangerous situation. Some people get lucky and the dog doesn't show aggressive tendencies, but still does think it is in charge. In other cases, though, the dog becomes aggressive b/c it thinks it is a pack leader. So, it will "defend" its house and "pack" at all costs. It will consider the house, yard, furniture, etc. its territory and not really the owner's, which is probably why the young girl was attacked.

  • 1 decade ago

    NO - A "Pit Bull" CANNOT lock it's jaws. That's a MYTH.

    Just proves how little people actually know about this breed when they act like they do.

    I was raised with Pit Bulls, that's why I have one.

    There are SO many in shelters, it's easy and inexpensive to get one, AND save their life.

    They are THE most misunderstood breed in the entire World...which is why it's my mission to help educate those that don't know about the breed.

    I take her everywhere to show what a great Ambassador for the breed she is.

    I love the breed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No dog can lock it's jaws shut. If it could, how could they ever unlock them?

    This is a myth. I 100% guarantee it. What the vet means is this is a Terrier and a with a terrier personality and temperament, it may be more persisitent when it gets ahold of something.

    There is no breed at all that has locking jaws. None - nada - zilch...

    And as for why pit bull? Why not?

    More labs bite people than pits... And I'm a lab owner... The press just doesn't cover those stories.

    Source(s): Owned by 5 dogs and rescue volunteer.
  • 1 decade ago

    Well Pit bulls can make good guard dogs, and they are very loyal, so i see what a lot of people want them.. but yes.. there are always a few people who use them for fighting which is very sad ):

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