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I have a ccleaner which cleans everything except like when you type something in on a search engine and then you go back and put the mouse on the search again and put in a letter it shows everything ever looked up and i was wondering how i can delete all of these?

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    Ahh, you want to get rid of the porn..haha, just use the down arrow to highlight the old search words, then hit the delete button.

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    This data is considered "Form data" data in Internet Explorer. Click "Tools" and then "Delete Browsing History". From there you would simply click "Delete Forms"

    You can also shut off the AutoComplete funtionality by following these steps:

    1. Go to "Tools"

    2. Click "Internet Options"

    3. Navigate to the "Content" tab

    4. Under AutoComplte, click "Settings"

    5. Uncheck any steps you feel are unnecessary

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    This is most likely the form cache in your browser. If using IE 7, go to Tools > Delete Browsing History and click Delete All or Delete Forms.


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    That's not your registry... that's auto complete...

    That can be found under "Tools, internet options, content" click on the settings button and turn off auto complete. That should take care of your problem.

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    You should be able to just delete all of your history under "Today" and it should delete it.. thats how it works on my computer.. hope that helped!!! :)

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