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Can i still get high definition if my television doesn't have the blue and green inputs?

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    If your TV can't handle 1080p or at lest 1080i it doesn't matter because the image won't be good enough for HD.

    if your TV can handle only 720p the image will be better than the normal but not good as Full HD (1080p).

    But if your TV don't have at least component video (3 RCA input) you won't be able to receive HD signal.

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    sorry dek the specs for hd are:

    720p 24p 30p or 60p frames

    1080i 60i frames

    1080p 24p 0r 30p frames.

    I would offer that if you disclose the model number some confusion could be cleared up about the HD compatibility. Although any TV with a box will still work after feb 2009 it just may not be HD.

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    Most likely not. I believe the most basic HD televisions will at least have component (red green blue) connectors. However I could be wrong. But the only way to get HD would be over... Component, HDMI, VGA/DVI, or coaxial

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    There are only 3 types of connections to get high definition.

    1) HDMI (1080p)

    2) Component Video (1080i)

    3) DVI (1080i)

    Refer to your TV's owner's manual for specs...

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    No. Another way would be HDMI but if you dont even have component inputs you are not going to have HDMI. Besides, if you really dont have component imputs then you dont even have an HDTV ready TV.

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