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How much does an MRI of the brain cost in the United States?Without insurance?

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    The cost of a MRI of the brain can vary....if you are having a contrast enhanced MRI, it will cost more. If you are having additional, thin slices through the IACs or pituitary gland, it will be more. Where I work, in California, a MRI of the brain, with no contrast, is about $1500. A MRI, without and then with contrast, is about $2400. A MRI, without and then with contrast, and thin slices through the IACs or pituitary is around $3500.

    My best advice would be to look in your local yellow pages, and make calls for estimated costs at facilities in your area. Make sure you have your doctor's order in hand, when you make these calls, so you can tell the facility exactly what your doctor ordered and what your doctor is trying to rule out. That will give the facility more information, so you can get a more accurate idea of what type of scan (contrast, thin slices etc) you need. Prices will vary depending on which state you are in....in fact, the prices can vary quite a bit between facilities in the same area. I work in a free standing imaging center, and we charge about half what the hospital (located in the same town!) charges. Look in the yellow pages under "x-ray" or "physicians - radiologist" and start calling facilities. If you call the imaging department of a hospital, make sure you get both the technical fee (for the cost of the procedure) and the professional fee (for the radiologist's reading). Most free standing imaging centers combine those costs into one fee. Other things to think about.....find out if the facility offers a cash discount for uninsured patients. Where I work, we offer 40% off the cost of CTs and MRIs for uninsured patients, if they pay the total on the day of service. Also, find out if they can make a payment plan for you, if you cannot come up with all of the money at the time of your procedure. We ask for 25% down at time of service, and then we do a payment plan, mapping out monthly payments for the balance. Sometimes the monthly payment is fairly low.....$50 even. A little bit of research can save you some money!

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    How much does an MRI of the brain cost in the United States?Without insurance?

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    Cost Of Brain Mri

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    It pays to call various places and ask around, and also ask if they can make you a special deal. Most services are priced up to six times higher than actual cost, as most insurance companies agree only to pay a part of the charges. Thus, the "list price" is a lot higher than it needs to be. Many hospitals will make a deal as well as a payment plan for those in need. Also, some hospitals (usually university or teaching hospitals) will treat you without regard for your ability to pay.

    Don't let money stop you from asking about health care.

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    It depends on how long it is and how many areas of the brain are they scanning. Mine lasted for about 40 minutes and it cost me a WOWing $2,600 dollars. But a couple of years ago i had it as a part of the routine check up in the ER it didn't last that long and was pretty general - still was charged about 1,600 bucks...

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    I think it's around $2000 US dollars.

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    a lot

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