I don't think I'm pregnant but........?

last night, my hubby said to me "You are pregnant, Sweety"

we are TTC and I think I just had my period.. and what he said to me really bothers me.. I just don't want a false hope..

here's my cycle:

Feb 9 > at morning took HPT as my period late for a week.. after 10min, the result was really faint line.. BFN after30min.. so I assume it as negative.. around afternoon.. light brown spotting occured.

Feb 10 -12 > medium flow (i usually had heavy flow).. got nausea and mild cramps around pelvic area..

Feb 13&14 > light flow.. still nausea and mild cramps too

Feb 15 > light brown spotting.. frequent urination.. itchy boobs.. moderate nausea.. no appetite but hungry (have to force myself to eat).. cold..

Sorry for posting too long but I need to know if it true as what my hubby said.. I don't want to buy HPT as it wil end up BFN..

Thank You :-/


just starting TTC and no kids yet

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    You don't sound pregnant to me. That was a lot of bleeding. I feel nausous sometimes around my period due to hormone fluxuations. So that may be why you were feeling sick.

    Hormone fluxuations are what causes morning sickness in PG women...the sharp upturn of estrogen and progesterone given off by your body realizing it's pregnant...caused by the ovaries. They kick into overtime producing this hormone. It usually gets better when the placenta is well formed and takes over feeding baby. Before the placenta takes over, the baby gets nourished by a protien sac left over from fertilization...you could think of it as the white part of an egg...

    Usually you don't start feeling morning sickeness till 5-8 weeks PG, depending on the person. Just in time to realize your period is late. Some people don't feel ill at all. (Lucky them!)

    But here's a little hope: it is common to have spotting when the fertilized egg implants into the uterus. Buy some HPT in multi packs so they're cheaper and take another test. Then you have some more on stand by to use later in case you're not PG yet. I buy the multi packs from walmart...the walmart generic brand and they work just fine and are cheaper.

    If you miss your next period, go to the DR.They won't want to see you if you are pregnant till 8-10 weeks PG anyway so if you wait to see if you miss your next period, and you are already pregnant, you'll still only be 6-8 weeks PG. And if you are newly PG, meaning that between the spotting in Feb nad now you get pregnant, then the DR can do a blood test that will cast out all doubt. Best wishes to you.

    Source(s): 5 pregnancies--personal experience
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    I had similar experience and did not want to believe that the little faint line was the test being positive. I made my sister take the test too and there was no line so there you go. Sorry but what are all those TTC and HPT BFN it's hard when you're not American.

    Please write me to let me know if you are pregnant, no false hope, but I really think so!!!

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    Since we can't really say "yes you're pregnant" or "no you're not", why don't you get a hpt, if for no other reason than to set your mind at ease?

    I don't really think that you are, but since I can't feel your symptoms, it's only a guess. I knew my first time I was pregnant, thought something was going on the second time.....trust your body.

    My hubby KNEW the first time I got pregnant. I had no morning sickness or anything, but we just both knew. The second time he was like "no i really don't think you are". Well, he was definitely wrong!!

    Trust your intuition, and if it's telling you that you are pregnant, take a test (even a cheap one) just to confirm your suspicions.

    Best wishes & baby dust!!

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  • Grace
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    From your description, you don't seem pregnant to me. However, a faint positive line IS a positive line. I would really encourage you to take another test. Don't hope for anything when you take the test so that you don't feel hurt if it turns out negative. Just aim at "knowing what's going on".

    Baby dust your way dear. I have just said a little prayer for you.

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    Hummmmmm sounds like maybe?....I would go to the Doctor to fine out to be sure and on the safe side if you are. When I was pregnant with my first son i had brownish Bleeding for a little while I was 4 weeks at the time ..I thought i was loosing the baby??? But found out this is common. My best thing to tell you is go to the Doctor.. do not get your hopes up just in case. Your in my prayers dear. Good luck aso. Let me know. If not do not worry you will ...if you worry about it to much you will not!!

    Source(s): had kids myslef.
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    Go to the doctor and let him make sure you are not pregnant. The brown spotting may not be a good thing if it is abnormal for you during your normal cycle. Don't wait. Women should take that part of their health as being very important, not that we shouldn't take all health issues as important.

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    I really dont know what to tell you, I think that you should go talk to your docter, as the brown spotting sounds maybe like a miscarige? that is just a guess, so dont freak out. i would go talk to your doctor though.

    good luck, i hope it works out for you!


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    Take a test

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