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Should a medical background check be required for purchasing firearms?

Now,it's a simple form inwhich the buyer provides the answers;should a persons medical history be open to investigation if they want to purchase a firearm?

Will require the loss of civil liberties as well as violating a persons right to privacy(actual arguement for Roe V.Wade)


as to why:

common thread among recent shooters is that they were off their meds.If they're on meds for a mental disorder,should that be disclosed by someone other than the potential buyer of the weapon.

Update 2:

several of my cyber-friends have answered so far;question and the answers point out the conundrum.With our freedoms there is no easy solution.

It's a sad event when the future of our country are shot down and killed,I wish I/we knew the answer.

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    I don't think at the time of purchase but anyone on meds for a disorder of some type should be entered into the same database as the weapons so a cross check could be conducted. Maybe if everyone running to doctors to get a meds were subjected to this, there would be less "disorders" diagnosed and more people taking responsibility for their own lives instead of better living through the medicine cabinet.

    Edit: Amos once in awhile a really thought provoking question comes up and makes all this worthwhile. Thanks for that. A little flippant in my first answer, so I will take another crack at it. I really do want to protect the peoples constitutional rights at all cost. In order to do that, I think we have to take some risks and hope that we as a people stay vigilant enough to catch these guys before they can do harm to our fellow citizens. We have to start taking responsibility for our fellow man and get our "neighborhoods" back. This is a difficult endeavor for sure, but until we get back into community living and accepting that we need to keep our brothers safe in order to keep us safe, we will have more incidences like these. These poor people were just shopping at the mall, and this guy just shoots them cold. It's not the guns, it's the mindset that violence is accepted. I can't even pretend to have the answer to that, but I know it starts with me and I hope today I will be a little kinder to my fellow man.

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    People with Aspergers are not violent. While much has been made of this in an attempt to shift the attention to mental illness instead of guns, its not the person with mild autism who is going to shoot and many people have true mental illnesses who don't get diagnosed.He may be taking Paxil, but so do a lot of people without seeing a psychiatrist. If he's able to work and be your co worker he's probably just a little weird to you, not looking at you or not responding to you in a way you're used to. I'd take that over the mom who spanks her kids in the supermarket, or the drunk spouse who waves a gun around, or the man in the mountains with the armory and a hate on for government.

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    Why stop there

    How about a medical background check before you are allowed to give birth. Or would a financial background be better suited to your form of Government.

    It's all the same once you go down the path of giving away freedom you can never regain it.

    Hitler wanted to make it against the Law for German women to have babies. He wanted only Norwegians to give birth to the Future Germans. (This is well doccumented. After Jessie Owens, Hitler said Norwegian women have longer legs than German women they should be the mothers of our Nation)

    We need to work at removing Government controls not at creating more restrictions.

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    When you whine about loss of civil liberties, remember that the phone companies now have to turn all of your phone and internet records over to big brother without fear of law suits... So much for the 4th amendment.

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    Interesting question. Are you going along the vein of discovering whether a person suffers from some sort of mental illness? I don't have an answer for you, but thanks for the thought provoking topic.

    Source(s): Re the meds - My first thought is that this would obviously violate privacy laws. Second, such a check might show that a person was prescribed meds but wouldn't show if he was taking them or not. It would open the door for all kinds of crazy interpretations. I didn't take my migraine medication today, would I be disqualified? Too much of a rabbit hole here, imo.
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    No. But I think a check into the financial status of buyers should be done.

    I'd wager this last nimrod who shot up the college campus went berserk after getting his student loan bill. He must have realized he could have never paid it off with that sociology degree he earned.

    He was a grad student. His loan must have been a whooper.

  • You want an STD check before you get some?

    You want bureaucrats having access to your medical records?

    I really think not.

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    Well is either that or getting used to more shootings or should I say the inconvenience of freedom.

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    If so, then the same hold true for having babies the TP's have to support.

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    why the heck should it?

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