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Do you think the next US President should be concerned about the *New World Order* and Putin?

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has begun secret talks with other world leaders on far-reaching reform of the United Nations Security Council as part of a drive to create a "new world order" and "global society".

Putin threatens to retarget missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday his country might target missiles at the defenses of the United States

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    There is a New World Order coming.No man Knows the hour, but God will put his government in place with Jesus as King.This righteous rulership will last for a 1000 yes.

    2 Peter.3:1-18


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    I don't think the next U.S. President really needs to be concerned about what Gordon Brown wants to do with the U.N. As far as I can tell, all he wants to do is expand the U.N. Security Council to ten members, which would basically allow more countries to have a veto in the U.N. process. It seems like a move toward democracy to me, rather than the creation of a 'new world order' the way the article describes.

    I do think that Russia retargeting missiles at us could be a problem. I think that relations with Russia could be a major part of foreign policy during the next administration. The country seems to be reverting back to a far more totalitarian state than it was five years ago.

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    I think we should be concerned about the new world order. Even if you don't look at it from a Biblical point, it would still have a huge effect on countries, esp. America. I think what a lot of people do not pay attention to is that we would all be under the laws of the new world order, and would lose a lot of the liberties we currently have.

    Yes, I believe that this plays in to prophecy, BUT for those who do not, look in to the ramifications of being under a one world government, and see if losing rights we currently have as Americans would be worth it. I personally quite enjoy my freedom of speech, and not a lot of countries have that, or if they do, not to the degree we do here.

    As for Putin, though I think Russia plays a part in prophesy, even if you take it out of the Biblical context, having missles aimed at us doesn't sound too peachy, kwim??

    Lots to be concerned over, even outside of the Biblical scope of things. Actually, I think it's scarier when you look at the situation outside of the scope of the Bible, because at least in the Bible scenerio, we have a chance of it not lasting long. Taking it as it is outside the Bible, kind of scary how it all may play out -- Americans owe a lot to our independence and Constitution, having a one world gov't would do away with that, in a huge way.

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    Part of the reason the US has excluded itself is it's nosey relations in things that are none of its business. Your government makes assumptions then reacts according to its unfounded conclusions. The only thing you have going for you is that you are right in the middle of Canada and Mexico. Two countries who have a reputation of respecting other nations including the US. The odds of anyone throwing a big *** earth shattering bomb at you are slim to none. Unless of course you manage to upset the whole of the free world. Still with the job Bush has done on your economy a full on war with Russia would bring you back to a third world economic state. I recommend beer and hockey.


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    he's extremely getting used as a gadget to get it cracking. Fascism won't seem as undesirable to the lots while that is coming from at the back of a especially face and soft communicate. all of us is being tricked into thinking they're getting 'exchange' for the better, yet Obama's in the same circle that's been controlling and ruining issues for the human beings of this u . s . a . for years. no longer purely is he Bush & Cheney's little cousin, he's CFR and area of the TriLateral value. those national civilian service communities he's offering (or possibly imposing) are extremely creeping me out. The scariest area is maximum all of us isn't seeing the massive image and are not understanding what they wanted for isn't possibly what they needed.

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    The next POTUS should be much more wary of Putin than Brown. Getting the entire world, or even a large majority of the world, to agree on anything other than anti-semitism is a big stretch.

    Putin, however, is a nutter that needs to be stopped. It's a bit tough to decide whose the bigger threat....Putin or Ahmedinejad.

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    I would hope the next president would concern himself with that, and doing good(according to Jesus) for everyone on earth. You can look at the fruit a tree bears. If that fruit is only concerned with power and money, military, and not promotting peace, love, turning the other cheek, having mercy, health, etc...that goes against the pure good teachings of our Lord.

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    Yes. But not in the way that you think.

    These are major global events and players. Any US president that just ignored these would be a total idiot. (What is GWB doing about it?)

    However, any thought that this is somehow matching some crazed prediction from Revelations is just delusional.

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    I read somewhere ,don't know if it was reputable, that GWB thought it was duty to head the army on his white horse into Armageddon. So I guess if we spend alot of worrying about things we cant control like new world order and Armageddon life can pretty stressful. No one knows

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    Our country is led by a maniacal sociopath who has already declared war on two nations. he's threatened three more as well (iran, syria, north korea).

    i might re-target some missiles too. has any other president declared war on more nations or declared more nations evil?

    i can understand why other nations might be a little leary of that kind of president having his finger on the button of the largest nuclear (nucular) arsenal in the world.

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