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2008 = Tara Reid Comeback?

I think so...what about you?

She is looking hotter than ever, and has stopped the partying!

She has TONS of movies coming out and she is playing the LEAD in all of them and she is even producing one! I think this year will be here comback forsure! She might even win an award for her movie "The Beautiful Outsider's" Which sounds amazing, go look at the plot on IMDB...anyways here's a list of her movies:

- Senior Skip Day (2008)

- 7-10 Split (2008)

- Clean Break (2008)

- Honestly (2008)

- Land Of Canaan (2008)

- If I Had Known I Was A Genius (2008)

- Bind (2009)

- The Beautiful Outsiders (2009)

So what do you think? I dont care if you hate her or not, cause i know im like the only fan...but will this be her comeback year or not?

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    The kid above me has no clue what he is talking about. Tara Reids career was at its highpoints a few years back and then it dwindled somewhat, but it seems she will definity be on a comeback based on these movies, Senior Skip Day and Honestly will be two of her top movies, expecting to gross well over 100mil,

    Will This year be her comeback year?


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    I'm sure all of those movies will suck. And to have a "comeback" that would mean you would have to have something to come back to...she's never really been a star... We'll see though!

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