Gay sex???

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how to boys do this?how long?and what are the position possible(name as many as u can)
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Anal sex. As long as they want. They can do just about any position that man and woman can, actually. It doesn't have to be from behind. They can do face to face, etc.

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good enough and the last answer i did but i wanted to know more and the lesbo question was out of boredom and curiousity.
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  • The Eight Ball answered 6 years ago
    I hope you are having fun with these questions.

    Your previous questions claim you have had sex with your Korean friend at least 3 times over the past 10 days.

    I see you as some form of fake. Just not sure what kind yet.
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  • Yvette! answered 6 years ago
    Do you really need to ask?
    Same with the lesbian sex one.

    You must be a bore in the bedroom.
    Oh wait you are only 12.
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  • Joker answered 6 years ago
    Ok thats just way to hard. The internet is full of Porn these days look it up then you'll see.
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  • Zoe Dot answered 6 years ago
    again, check online. there is a tonne of info. out there.
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  • Nabil loves Baha answered 6 years ago
    Well............u really need to work hard on ur engish-grammar..

    Just watch gay-porn...
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  • W S answered 6 years ago
    well there are many ways either way the penis goes into the anus
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  • teapot answered 6 years ago
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  • Mr. Ball answered 6 years ago
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