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Have you worked with Enochian Magick?

I'm considering removing a lot of the Ceremonial stuff and adjusted the system to function with the more Shamanic systems I do fluently, particularly the 30 Aethers. Has anyone else tried this? (I don't really want to re-invent the wheel if there's a book or pdf on doing this I can get hold of)

"Enochian World of Aleister Crowley," Duquette, Hyatt

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    If you're referring to Skrying the 30 Aires, _The Magical Philosophy, Book V, Mysteria Magica_ by Melita Denning and

    Osborne Phillips vicinity pp232 covers some stuff that I

    don't believe I've seen in any other text on Enochian. But it's

    not a narrative on any skrying session.

    Aliester Crowley was supposed to have published a book on

    his own experiences (visions) when Skrying the Aires...but I

    can't recall the title at the moment.

    BTW: It's my understanding that for safety purposes the first

    time you start are supposed to start with the 30th

    and proceed systematicly up to 1. No one has explained why...

    but my sources were impeccable in all other regards...and so

    I personally trust their far as it went. Other "network"

    comm on this subject (when the network was viable) was

    that it's a good idea to put some time between sessions in

    order to understand/assemulate the info.

    Good luck.

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    Nope, I haven't, but your experiment sounds interesting.

    I'm more a practitioner of Chaos Magick than anything Ceremonial. What I've heard from people who tweak the Enochian system to better fit with a system they already work with is that doing this will work. I don't know of any PDF or book about doing so, however, and even if there were, you'd run into the same problem there is with straight-up Enochian -- it's really someone *else's* system, not yours. One of the points of Chaos Magick is to do the work yourself so that the system you use is uniquely tailored to your psyche.

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    I'm more attracted to Chaos Magick, so my opinion is that you can tweak the type of Magick you use as your heart wants. You know, through practice and discovery, you discover what works and what doesn't.

    And don't worry too much about negative effects or bad things, just believe that you are powerfull and have a positive mind. You can do whatever you want, if you KNOW that you are the one that bends the forces of Magick, and not viceversa.

    Good luck to your workings.

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    Eh, I have used it in both ways. I have used Enochian Magick ceremonially and I have used it in sex magick. Both work equally as well. Either way you use it though, make sure you give a license to depart and banish to clear the area as they will linger.

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    I've some such experience, it was something my teachers expected fluency in even if I choose to go another way...

    I can't think of anyone who is doing/has done what you are describing, although I've been having an email convo with a CM who is trying to make a native Pagan system*.

    Source(s): *Just because the word police are out, that's native meaning "grown, produced, or originating in a particular place or in the vicinity" not "of indigenous peoples"
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    I say it would be good to try the experiment and let the group know how it goes for you. Perhaps you could be the one to make the pdf?

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    Sounds fascinating and a bit scary!

    Please tell us all about your experiments on your Yahoo group.

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    I don;t know so much about it, but i did read that it has allot to do with cursing demons into submission, not really my thing, i prefer respectful demon evocations

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    I got that Blue Magick if u need it, bro.

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    I suck at Magick, the only thing I do is candle magic :-P

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