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Gun license renewals?

For all you out there with guns. have you renewed your license yet, (write the test, shoot on the range etc)? I did today and do not worry, it was very easy and everybody involved....I mean everybody from the fire arm academy guy to the Police officers were very helpful and very nice! Really! so do not stress....


Yes Bull .....I only shot Bull's eyes today so beware...........

Update 2:

Alf money involved, had to show a bit of cleavage though...................

Update 3:

Ayiza I am glad to know you do not have a gun ....I have one.

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    I have 2 target shooting pistols which I have not even touched for ages! (No time to go to club)

    I have been wondering if its really worth the hassle and ridiculous high fees! I have to renew during this year sometime, but I'm thinking of rather just selling them. One is an Olympic quality Swiss made .22 formal target pistol, I should be able to get a reasonable price for it. The other is a piece of junk 9mm that can't hit inside a 1m square target frame at 25m more than 3 times out of 10! If I had to ever use it for self-defence I'd be better off throwing it at the attacker than shooting at him! Luckily I live in a quiet part of the country where the only violent crimes are committed within smelling distance of the shebeens.

    My Dad is a game farmer, he renewed all his licences (various rifles, one shotgun and a couple of pistols) last year, luckily for him he could licence them (except for the pistols) in the "business" category. The paperwork alone took days to complete and cost quite a few thousand rand! The government has a huge cheek requiring training courses, background checks and so on of someone who has owned and used firearms responsibly for decades without any incidents.

    Source(s): Licencing law abiding gun owners as a crime reducing measure is like fighting prostitution by registering virgins!
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    Do you have to do all that now. Just before i left SA i had a 9mm parabellum, actually we had a couple of guns and i found it such a nuicence. Wherever we went we had to hand it in for safekeeping and i just could not see the point of carrying a gun all over the place. I am glad we got rid of them i doubt if i would ever have been able to shoot anyone anyway. I was a good shot and so were my daughters but the hassles was just not worth it.

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    Hah, I used to have a gun license but the SA dept of Home Affairs has lost my id book!!!!!!! I do not think there is much chance of renewing it in London somehow..... Imagine their little snotneus faces if you pulled out a 14clip 9mm on one the little English bastards throwing chips at people on the bus....!!!! LOL!!!! I once nearly got robbed at pen knife point in Italy at a cash machine. I grabbed the boy by the hair and smashed his face into the screen of the bancomat and then gave him a left hook in the jaw. As he sat there looking dazed and stupid I said (in Italian) "I am from South Africa and you want to rob me with a swiss army knife..." I didn't call the police I just sent him home to his ma with a sore head.

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    I dont have a gun, but believe me if I lived back in SA, I would have a machine gun, AK47, and anything else, to protect myself,,,I'm glad your license renewal was so easy...I am a bit surprised...

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    I have ten guns and they all work very well. Licenses are in order and I am prepared for the new land redistributions to come.

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    Now I wish I hadn't labelled you a lesbian or implied you have had relations with your labrador.......

    Did mine last year, wasn't bad, my wife made it a bit difficult telling the police officer who interviewed her that she's not sure if I should I have a gun in South Africa.

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    Jip i went with my dad when he did his. He got all my grandad's guns when he passed away and he said he didnt knw what every1 was complainin about. Thanx for the post tho!

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    Hmmm, I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that it was a pretty and smart lady wearing alluring perfume...LOL!

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    How much was the bribe?

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    I don't have a gun.

    I don't like guns.

    Source(s): I say no to guns
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