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wasn't the point of the Clemens Congressional questioning supposed to be about the veracity?

of the Mitchell Report?

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    Yes you are correct. If the Mitchell report was found to be in error in this case then the entire document would have to be reviewed. players such as Tejada whose case has already been forwarded to the Justice department would likely get at least a brief reprieve. It would also tip the justice department off to whether statements from the likes of Radomski and manamee needed further review or can stand as they are. The problem is Congress was not the proper venue for this to be carried out. Because the house was running the show things that otherwise would never happen were allowed to. Clemmens could pay personal visits to each member of the panel- which he did. he was able to circumvent protocol more easily and bring the ex-nanny to his home. he was allowed to dodge answering questions by giving monolgues on everything but the issue at hand and could not be compelled to answer directly. From the stand point of the congressmen the vast majority did not carry out the task at hand or the implied task even as they were unprepared, unattentive, and an embarassment to themselves. Questions directed to the attorney that worked on the Mitchell report directly were often insufficient in nature and the affadavits given by Canseco and the former Mrs. Canseco were given so much weight it was a joke. C'mon nitpicking that Roger was at the house during the dates in question but not at that exact moment of the party is a bit silly. He was there, as was his family- overnight and had the full ability to do just what he was protesting he didn't do. Beyond that Canseco in prior testimony said he discussed stacking and cycling decadurabolin and winstrol with Clemens which was supposed to be the whole point of establishing if he had been at the Canseco house at anytime during the three day window in question. Check Clemens deposition- it's in there twice once around page 17 and again around 180 or so. It's not a murder type case where minutes are important. In any case Canseco is the one guy giving statements that IS a convict so how trustworthy is his word? Not that a con can't tell the truth but he has failed to provide evidence on almost as many people that he bagged as users as not. As such his credibility is a bit questionable. I found the proceeding disheartening, but feel the Mitchell report withstood the battering and that as appropriate those named in the report should face the same penalties John Q. Public would for the offenses committed.

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    I really not sure what the point was, but surely there must be more pressing issues facing our elected officials. I feel the same way about my government that i do about a former hero of mine roger clemens. betrayed and disrespected, like ive been kicked in the gut and i want to throw up. everyone involved in that process should be ashamed of themselves.

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    yes and that's the problem when you get the perfect storm of a superstar, a hot button issue and grandstanding politicians. mitchells reccomendation to baseball was to move forward and let the past be done, but oh no, selig threatened discilinary action the vry same day to past offenders at least to those who he could discipline. a very sad era in baseball and all of sports, but the real solution is consistent testing, and extreme punishment, then we can move on.

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