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Do you still need convincing Obama is a marxist?

MANAGUA, Nicaragua: President Daniel Ortega, who led the 1979 revolution in Nicaragua, says Barack Obama's presidential bid is a "revolutionary" phenomenon in the United States.

"It's not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the U.S. ... but yes, they are laying the foundations for a revolutionary change," the Sandinista leader said Wednesday night as he accepted an honorary doctorate from an engineering university.

Ortega led a Soviet-backed government that battled U.S.-supported Contra rebels before he lost power in a 1990 election. He returned to office last year via the ballot box.


holly,...yes, i do..tell me what part of Obama's grand vision does not in some way include marxist theory? it's all there..

Update 2:

cappy blue..."my rants"??? i copied and pasted the whole thing from the a.p.!!!

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    History repeats itself again and again! Socialists go into poor areas, give money and promise "hope" and then the zombies will follow them anywhere ex. Hitler, Mussolini, Hamas, Chivas and Castro....

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    Why are you listening to Daniel Ortega? Are you some sort of fan of his or something?

    Clue: people can say whatever they want. It doesn't make it true. But in fact, he's right. Obama candidacy is "revolutionary"; but not the way you think.

    It means he's doing something no other black American has ever done: have a better than good chance to become President of the United States.

    That's something any intelligent and loyal American, whether Republican or Democrat should celebrate and be proud of, regardless if you support him or not.

    That being the case, you are obviously no more an intelligent and thinking American than Obama is a Marxist.

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    Obama can't be a Marxist. Are you an idiot? Marxists believe that socialism can only be attained through revolution.

    And by revolution, I mean WAR, not politics.

    Thanks to Hitler and the Soviet Union, most of Europe was afraid of being anything but Capitalist since it would label them as Nazis or "Commies." What you see today in Europe, Canada, and Cuba, on TV, is something called Freedom and Compassion. People want to be Compassionate, and even if they are not they still want to be seen as being Compassionate (aka "Conservative" "the conservative look"). If there is any such hints of socialism in a country, it is strictly because of the nationalist republicans who put pressure on those below them.

    If G.W. did not become president, lead us into a possible recession, and make all those ill-advised choices, you would probably not be here today complaining about Socialism.

    You Broke It, You Bought It.

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    You really believe this? The U.S. Constitution has provided too many checks and balances to prevent that this can happen. And just because a few ideas, like health care for all are non-capitalist does not make the proponent of this a marxist.

    I feel that it is time to change things around. We are NOT competetive on a global market, we have an aging infrastructure, we have people who die because they cannot get health insurance(pre-existing conditions), or cannot afford to buy it, we have the highest drop out rates in schools in the industrialized world, the highest infant death in the industrialized world, a crumbling economy, a system that allows big business so many tax breaks that they hardly pay taxes, --- and a lot more things that simply do not add up. Washington politics of the last 8 years has driven our nation into the hugest debt ever, a war that costs us so much that we cannot invest into our own future---it absolutely is time for a change. And I do not see any marxist in Obama or Clinton, what I see is 2 people who do care about their country and who do want the change to happen for us...

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    He has Che Guevara flags in his office (in Houston, maybe others). If you know who Che is, you know who Obama is.

    It appears that Obamas clowns are all over questions about him. Research for yourself about Che Guevara. He was a communist(aka socialist) hit man. Is this who Obama looks up to?

    My personal opinion, you ask (or not)? All politicians are crooks. We must decide. Who is a crook for America, and who will sell us out to the highest bidder. It is obvious what Obama will do. And Hillary. Watch "Bill Clinton: His Life" on google. Democrats and Republicans are 2 sides of the same coin.

    Vote for Ron Paul. I am honestly not looking for many converts here. Most people will do what they are told, despite the consequences. Please, give Ron Paul 5 minutes of thought before you dismiss him. You want the war to be over? So does Ron Paul, and so do the troops. Ron Paul has the support of over 70% of active duty military. Are the other 30% officers and officials who have never been to Iraq? Search for yourself.

    I don't know what to say. This is possibly the best candidate we have ever had for president and we are letting him slip through our fingers because Fox News, Cnn, and MSNBC told us to. Please do not be so naive as to think that a few catch phrases will save our country.

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    Agree with the 1st 2 posters and the guy above me

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    As neo-cons are proven trotskists,what's the fuss about here?

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    Yeah, that "proves" it. Are you actually seriousl? For real? lol You are too funny. An endorsement from a leftist = Obama must therefore be a leftist. Get a clue.

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    You're a marxist.

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    And a great speaker!

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