How do you feel about George W. Bush?

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    Impeach Him!

    1. He lied us into war in Iraq. According to the U.S. media-ignored British "Downing Street Memo," he "fixed" intelligence around a pre-determined policy of preemptive war. Results: 100,000 (at least) Iraqi civilian deaths; about 1800 U.S. soldiers dead in two wars, 100s of thousands wounded and traumatized.

    2. Under his watch, the U.S. suffered its worst terrorist attack on its soil. He opposed an official investigation, then stalled for months on testifying before a hand-picked committee. Finally testified behind closed doors.

    3. He was "elected" under dubious circumstances in 2000.

    4. He was "elected" under dubious circumstances in 2004.

    5. He has approved (and his Attorney General Gonzales has re-defined) torture at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and elsewhere, while simultaneously opposing the International Criminal Court established to check such abuses. According to Amnesty International, the United States has established a Soviet-style "gulag" of torture around the world.

    6. He failed to support the Kyoto Protocols, reducing greenhouse gases, but worked to open up Alaska's ANWR to drilling-despoiling an eco-system and increasing greenhouse gases.

    7. He chose Halliburton toady Dick Cheney to be his running mate-twice.

    8. He has attempted to pack the courts with ideologue-judges intent on overthrowing Roe v. Wade, and institutionalizing the police-state abuses of Patriot Acts I and II.

    9.His "No Child Left Behind" education policies have replaced learning with testing and allowed military recruiters access to our schools, cajoling our children with military options before their minds have had a chance to open, question and challenge.

    10.He is attempting to dismantle the Social Security system that has ensured "peace and freedom" for tens of millions of working Americans for seven decades ("peace" of mind and "freedom" from economic crises)-- rights hard-won by Labor and Progressives in decades-long struggles.

    11. He has allied himself with Right-wing ideologues to curtail or abolish stem-cell research vital to the conquest of debilitating and fatal diseases.

    12. He has failed to develop a coherent energy policy-except to prosecute wars for other peoples' resources. He fails to acknowledge the reality and impending disasters of Global Warming.

    13. He has continued the Globalization project of his predecessors: outsourcing jobs, hollowing our middle class.

    14. He has undermined the legitimate protective protocols of the C.I.A., politicizing the agency, awarding positions on the basis of ideological orthodoxy rather than merit and astute analysis.

    15. He has subjugated his Administration to Neocon ideologues like Richard Perle, William Kristol and Douglas Feith; men who have endorsed the "settlement," expansionist and Wall-them-in policies of Ariel Sharon, sowing the seeds of anti-Arab racism, war and destruction in the Middle East for generations to come.

    16. In spite of his rhetoric about freedom and democracy, he has allied himself with dictators in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Egypt and elsewhere. He has increased the flow of arms to these states and others, fomenting instability, turmoil and war.

    17. He chose Rumsfeld as DoD Secretary twice, in spite of Rumsfeld's obvious failure to adequately plan for the post-Saddam era in Iraq, inducing massive "collateral damage," the looting of ancient treasures, and infrastructure destruction in a country we were legally and morally bound to rehabilitate.

    18. He endorses the weaponization of space, "Rods from Gods," and other exotic, Star-Wars technologies to establish a twenty-first century American global empire that is doomed to create an arms race with China and other opposing coalitions, sowing discord and wasting the resources of the world.

    19. He has presided over the most egregious media consolidation in the nation's history. While we have had "yellow journalism" and other media abuses throughout our two centuries of Republic/Empire, we have never suffered the consolidation of power that we have today. He has presided over the emasculation and cowering of PBS, while his disinformation troops have peddled fraudulent stories and comments to "reporters" like Judith Miller, Armstrong Williams and Jeff Guckert-"Gannon," poisoning the well of information, adding to the general confusion and Goebbelsization of our news.

    20. He lied about, misled, or misunderstood the astronomical costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He continues to do so, diverting tax money for education, health care, the EPA, transportation and social infrastructure into war-making and destruction.

    21. He has continued and enlarged the depraved Clinton policy of using depleted uranium on the battlefield; a policy bound to cause massive suffering and death to Americans and others for generations to come.

    22. He has alienated our traditional allies and more than a billion Muslims around the world. He has ransacked the good will extended to the nation after the 9/11 attacks, leading a crusade of vengeance and reprisal, most often against innocents, judging without sufficient evidence, arrogating to himself a crooked, self-righteous Texas sheriff's power to execute without justice.

    23. Under his watch, millions more Americans have been added to the ranks of the uninsured while health-care costs have exploded. His answer to these and other pressing social problems appears to be faith-based charities-in other words, preaching to the choir while stealing from the pews.

    24. Under his watch, the North Koreans have, apparently, developed eight nuclear weapons and Israel has continued to increase and refine its arsenal-now estimated as high as five hundred.

    25. He has murdered the English language.

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    properly, do you agree, I do. He has 2 sons that are that way Neal and George W. George W, sticks around the White abode inflicting havoc, Neal is going to China or Japan and solutions the door while prostitutes knocks and invites her in for a sprint place in hay. the two in no way had a job previous Jeb boost into basically a Governor yet now he's laying around watching his son bypass by using previous girlfriends abode windows after he knocks them out and his daughter piled up in rehab. G.W. twins are piled in mattress with somebody someplace

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    My opinion of Pres. Bush is that he spends too much for a Conservative like myself to be 100% happy with him. I support the war on terror but I feel like he has been way, way too soft. We took way too long to invade Iraq, let the WMDs slip away, and now we'll have to wait 20 years for some ex-Mossad or ex-MI5 agent to publish a book to prove the truth. When we did invade we didn't have the right gameplan. We were too hard on the Baathists and too soft on the insurgents. Social Security is going to cripple our economy in 20 years and he made a ridiculously spineless attempt to reform it. He has the right ideas, I just think he trusts his subordinates too much to step on toes.

    Other than that, sorry kiddies, but all of you 14-year old non-college educated folks who can't see the big picture fail to realize one thing: You CAN'T judge a legacy until long after the man is out of office. Truman had an approval rating lower than Bush and even lower then our Congress does. However recent studies have started to recognize Truman as a remarkable President. Eisenhower was considered a senile old grandpa but then the book "The Hidden Hand Presidency" made us realize 30+ years later that Ike was actually pretty friggin' sharp. Hoover was a brilliant, brilliant man that just happened to come to office when the global economy was preparing to collapse. Jesus Christ could have been President and he wouldn't have been able to stop the Great Depression.

    Basically, if you have ever tried to argue that Bill Clinton was the best/worst President ever or that George W Bush was the best/worst President ever you are automatically disqualified. Now, Bush might very well go down as the best/worst President in history (he won't) and Clinton might go down as the best/worst President in history (he won't either) but nobody will be able to even begin to make those assumptions for a very long time. Seriously, try to look at the big picture.

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    Honestly I feel he's probably the the best man for the job that's out there. I wish he could run for a 3rd term only because I have that little faith in McCain, Clinton or Obama.

    He reacted better after 9/11 than Gore would have, of that I have no doubt, and probably better than 90% of his contemporary politicians.

    However, I can't fathom why he has so aggressively pursued the war on terror abroad while steadfastly refusing to secure our borders at home.

    I also think he waited much much too long to begin the troop surge in Iraq. He should have prosecuted the war that very from day one. If so, we *might* have been done with and out of there by now. At the very least, our numbers would be significantly reduced in Iraq to a mere small advisory and peacekeeping force.

    Having said all of that, I just don't feel theres been anyone, besides Newt Gingrich, (who would never run for, nor be elected to the office) who would have done a better job over the last 8 years. If there had been, I'd be far less favorably disposed toward him than I am now.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He had some good ideas and ideals, but the way he went about carrying them out was somewhat questionable. I think history will look more favorably on him then the current population does. Definitely no Ronald Reagan, but thank God he's not a Kerry/Gore.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He was one of our best presidents next to Reagan. He does what he says, and has a degree from both Harvard and Yale. He accomplished a task that many get washed out of, flight school. Not only that he's qualified on jet fighters, less than .001% in the world are.

    Too many are ignorant and buy the bill of goods of political hype and believe it as fact instead of politics. As people mature, they get more experience under their belt and realize how naive they are. This younger generation doesn't have a clue why James Carville (Political Advisor to Bill Clinton's Election) is married to Mary Matalin (Political Advisor to Bush's Election). They don't know their job is to fool the naive and ignorant with political hype and why the two are perfectly matched.

    Historians from academia that writes our history books has already ranked GW higher than Clinton, Ford and Carter. This is how much people have believed the political hype instead of what historians are saying about him. IOW, instead of popularity, historians look at what each president did while in office. It's always been an accurate ranking model since the 1940's... based on Schlesinger that happens about every 5 years.

    Most people are ignorant of polls, popularity, and historical significance. Just like they will find the ones they votes most likely to succeed was based on popularity instead of ability to do a task. To a lesser extent some can't see through propaganda. There are some that actually believe Bush was responsible for 911. The funniest thing that I've ever seen was during the election between Bush and Kerry. Where Kerry followers described Bush as the "rich oil man." Where the truth is Kerry was a billionaire that owned a single business jet worth more than all of Bush's net worth. People use to not be so naive. I think it is video games that caused the problem where there are not any street smart people anymore except in impoverished neighborhoods. They live too much in a pretend world of fantasy and conspiracy theories.

    But I would have never voted for Bush if I would have realized that the American people had become so soft and ready to cut and run at the drop of a hat. The fact that they are willing to let a bunch of good American's get killed and then cut and run, tells me that this country can't fight a war, whether to defend our shores or any place else. We have no business ever going to a war, even if it means our survival. This country will become a Muslim country the same way Lebanon became one. No one thought it would happen to Lebanon and I suspect someone was writing just like me before the terrorist finally took over. After that point monitoring telephone calls will seem like such minor intervention, it will seem funny.

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    I think he's a great President. People are mad at him for some of the decisions he's making, but i'm sure he and his advisors are much more well-informed than any of us are just sitting at home watching the news on TV.

    Sure, there are some things I might have done differently, but sometimes it's just the events of the world that leave leaders with little choices that will make them look bad no matter what. It's all what he thinks is best for the country with the information he has at the time, and isn't that what he was elected for?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personally, I feel he has done a much better job than what Al Gore or John Kerry would have offered if sworn into office. But within the last year, my approval rating for him has gone down dramatically.

    Bush is NOT the greatest president but he is NOT the worst either. He has done some remarkable things concerning national affairs, but some of the legislation he has passed has somewhat disturbed me.

    I still support the War on Terror, in high hopes of the world being safe from terrorism, but I don't fully support the Bush administration either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think he is OK. I wasn't much on the backroom immigration deal, but I agree with what I have heard him say on immigration.

    I think he did the right thing to help the people of Iraq to get out from under the wacko.

    I agree with his comment, don't ask a kid how old he is, but what he knows. Basically don't pigeon hole a kid in school by his age, but start with his education level and build on it.

    I like the idea that he has convictions and will pretty much stand by them. He doesn't blow in the wind depending on which way the polls blow.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I feel quite sorry for him really. Promoted so spectacularly beyond his competence - mind you that goes for his advisors too.

    Love the comment about him being the best since Reagan. Since Reagan was asleep for half his presidency and with developing senile dementia for all of it, the judgement is very revealing.

  • Well,for my opinion he is not a good president very great spender and don't think the poor usa citizen.I would like to change him to the other candedites.

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