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我有親人係new york定居~想搵agent幫手~邊間中介較好!?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    i am a university graduate in the US

    so this sound familiar to me too

    First DID U take A-level and TOFEL??

    most school need BOTH done if u come from HK so check with your family on some of the schools.

    first Form 5 = grade 12 in the US which means u will not have to go to secondary school anymore, so u can either go to junior college (2 years) first then TRANSFER to a 4 year university for the last 2 years and then graduate, OR

    just try and get into the 4 years university right the way

    the thing is how GOOD is your ENG and MATH level

    that's the key

    there are both English and Math placement test in college and university

    IF your English level is low, u will most likely not pass the English standardize test for putting u in regular English class, the u will have to go and take classes as English as Second Language (ESL)

    Depends on your English level (how well u pass or not pass it) there are about 4 to 5 ESL classes before u get into regualar English, then for your first 2 year, there is English 1A and 1B for General Education (GE) then before u graducation there is English 2 and 2A (exit exam English writing test)

    for Math IF u r not engineering or science major, Algebra 1 and 2 is all u need, easy as that.

    so let say your English is bad, and your want to save some money and not sure what to study in this is the best option:

    First, take a test in a COMMUNITY COLLEGE (2 year)

    see what ESL class u r in and then just study in that college for 2 year, any major is up to u, first year u will take all the ESl class, the second year take English 1A and 1B

    Second, apply a university AFTER the first year and then TRANSFER at the end of the second year to that universtiy to continue for the last 2 years as a JUNIOR standing student (the 4 year is called freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior)

    Study the 2 years to complete ALL GE and ALL credit for graduation and APPLY for graduation AS SOON AS u r senior standing (DON'T WAIT!!!)

    it does not mean u have to finish everything by that quarter or semester, but u MUST finish all required credit by the end of the year so u can graduate.

    so u do NOT need agent, just search online for some school and ask your family there what college they have in the community, save money, cheaper in college first then transfer.

    start practicing using English to read and write and speak more,

    lead to think fast when u read in English and listen carefully is the key to adapt in the US and like big city like NY.

    any questions feel 100% free to e-mail me at

    i am in SF though not NY but i work in schooling program and application department before, somewhat so i surely can help u if u ask

    Source(s): me as a student in US
  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think it's necessary to have an agent. They just take care the paper work for you for some fee. Just find out which schools you want to go and apply them.

    If you study in the community college, you'll be:

    1st yr: English (ESL) and other GE (general education) classes

    2nd yr: more GE, few major classes

    3yr & 4th: transfer to a 4yr college or university to continue the rest of your program requirement (usually 2 more yrs).

    I hope this helps.

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