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想問下如果take mpf




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  • tomcwp
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    1 decade ago
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    可以!! 要符合以下條件及需時要3至6個月左右! 但日後再在香港打工, 你就一定要在65歲或死亡才可以提早取MPF.


    Please note that the MPF System is introduced to help members of the workforce save for their retirement. Under the MPF legislation, the benefits accrued from the mandatory contributions have to be preserved until the scheme member attains the retirement age of 65, except under the following specific circumstances:

    i.early retirement and attainment of age 60;

    ii.permanent departure from Hong Kong; incapacity;

    iv.death; or

    v.having a small balance account of not exceeding $5,000 under an MPF scheme and providing that no contributions have been made to the scheme for 12 months and the scheme member has declared not to become employed and self-employed within the foreseeable future.

    If a scheme member fulfils any of the above conditions for the withdrawal of mandatory contributions and wishes to withdraw the member's benefits, he/she is required to submit the "Claim Form for Payment of Accrued Benefits" [Form MPF(S)-W] direct to the trustee. The claim must be accompanied by evidence satisfactory to the trustee that the member has fulfilled the conditions.

    For more details, please make reference to the MPF Guidelines IV.4 "Guidelines on Payment of Accrued Benefits - Documents to be Submitted to Approved Trustees" which can be downloaded from our website ( under the "Legislatio n & Regulations" ; - "Guidelines ". The relevant forms can also be downloaded under the Guidelines IV.4.

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