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每年的二月十四日是西洋情人節,又名「Valentine'sDay 」,其實就是為了紀念一位叫 Valentine的人.

故事的起源要追朔到西元三世紀的羅馬,當時羅馬執政的君主 Claudius好大喜功,不懂勤政愛民,是有名的暴君。因當時羅馬內外戰爭頻繁,為了維繫既有的權勢,立於不敗之地,Claudius強迫境內所有年齡到達指定範圍的男子,必須加入羅馬軍隊協助作戰.


不過有一位叫 Valentine的修士,願意為大家主持婚禮.

原來這位 Valentine修士,因不忍見到許多情侶因為暴政關係被迫分離,決定為大家秘密主持上帝的婚禮.

但是消息很快就傳到Claudius那裡.所以Claudius立即派人將 Valentine逮捕.

由於 Valentine始終不肯屈服認錯,所以很快就被處死了,Valentine 去世的那一天,正好是西元二七零年二月十四日。悲傷的人們,將 Valentine安葬於羅馬的聖普拉大教堂,為了紀念 Valentine勇敢抗爭的精神,人們也將每年的二月十四日定為Valentine的紀念日〈Valentine's Day〉,象徵每個人都應該勇敢地追求愛情。

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    February 14 is western lover’s day, also known as “Valentine's Day”. It is actually for commemorating a person who called Valentine.

    The story should be chased from the third A.D. of Rome in the begging. At the that time, the Rome monarch Claudius had a fondness for the grandiose, and don’t understand that loves the people in hardworking politics when he was in power. He is a famous tyrant. Because the war happened frequently at that time. In order to safeguard the power that has already had in the invincible position, Claudius forced the man had to join the army and help to fight for Rome whose age reaches the designated range.

    Claudius gave orders the whole country all forbidden to hold the ceremony of getting married, even the person who has already been engaged should cancel the engagement at once.

    But a monk called Valentine would like to take charge of the wedding for everybody.

    Because Valentine could not bear to see lovers to separate because of tyranny, decided to take charge of God’s wedding secretly for everybody.

    But the news was passed to Claudius soon. So Claudius sent someone to arrest Valentine at once.

    Valentine had been unwilling to surrender and admit a fault all the time, so he had been put to death soon. He was just dead on February 14 of 270 years. The sad people bury Valentine in the Saint pula cathedral of Rome. For commemorated the Valentine brave resistance the spirit, the people also set

    on February 14 decided as the commemoration day of Valentine < Valentine's Day >. It’s symbolize each people to be supposed bravely to pursue the love.

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