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U.S. History???? 10 Points Best Answer!!!!?

1. A problem common to the administrations of both George Washington and John Adams was

[a] navigation of the Potomac River

[b] strained relations with France

[c] the extension of slavery

[d] the lack of a stable currency

2. An important result of Hamilton's financial policies was the

(a) expansion of state's rights

(b) weakening of the federal government

(c) strengthening of the federal government

(d) support of small farmers for the federal government

3. Which provision of the treaty ending the American Revolution was NOT carried out by Great Britain until after the Jay Treaty went into effect?

(a) evacuation of British troops from United States soil

(b) British acceptance of the Mississippi River as the western boundary of the United States

(c) Formal recognition of the United States

(d) granting Americans fishing rights in Newfoundland's coastal waters.

please explain to me

thanks in advance! :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hey v.

    well here are the answers:

    1) strained realtions with France. This was because of the French Revolution that was going on

    2) strengthening of the federal government. Alexander Hamilton's Finacial plan gave people hope and restored trust in their government

    3)evcuation of British troops from the United States Soil

    there u go :D

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  • endpov
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    1 decade ago

    Wow, I'd have to look the answers up to these questions myself. Please go to the "homework help" category.

    GO TO the "All Categories" page of Yahoo! Answers.

    then, GO TO "Education and Reference"

    then, GO TO "Homework Help"

    then, post this question there and you'll surely get an answer.

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