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School shooting?

What makes people freak out and shoot up a classroom? Todays shooting in Illinois absolutely makes me worry about the day my son goes to school. He starts this fall. I know that some kids have it tougher than others, but to go to the extreme of killing a group of kids is just nuts. Why do they do this?

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    doesnt it make you feel really safe from the terroists? Kids are now walking into schools and shooting up people. There is nothing we can do about anything concerning violence or our safety. If this had been a terrorist doing school shootings this problem would have been fixed by now. OR would it have?

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    I'm going to go with something deeply rooted in their emotional make up that causes them to detach from reality. Whether it's bullying or being pushed to the limit and being emotionally unstable at that.

    I think they have to be a social outcast on some level. Convincing themselves to take a remedial action to their distorted view of humanity.

    Unfortunately most of these murderers have decided to dispose of themselves rather than face a trial, which leads me to believe they have somewhat of a conscience still in place, or they know the implications of what will follow - for their actions.

    But I also think there is spiritual battle that influences the actions of those who do such things. I believe there are forces of evil strongly working in these instances.

    I dont know that there is a way stop something like this that is so evil, because the killers are normally the least you'd expect, and don't always announce that something is wrong in advance.

    I think prevention starts early, in the home or community. With parents and leaders who have to take the time to make sure children have a moral compass of right and wrong. We live in a society that blurs these lines in movies, on the news, in books...ect. I don't think you can blame it on the media, but we've certainly had more of these shootings as of late than say...50 years ago, when guns were much more accessible, and all these forms of media were much less invasive in our everyday lives.

    And also, in the end. They make a choice to do evil. Millions of people grow up under the same conditions. They make a choice. Just like any other murderer would do.

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    I personally think it's becuase no one wants to listen to people anymore. They can be crying out for help or telling someone that they don't like what's going on and no one cares. I feel that today it's gotten to the point were if you aren't popular,rich, or say just the right thing you mise well just stay quite for the rest of you life. Becuase your please fall on death ears. Were also taught(not by vidoe games but our own goverment) that if you use voilence wether it be buy hitting or just hurting anouther person's feelings then you are to be taken serilsy. You have a voice then and therefore power. People won't listen to you if you try to talk about how your feeling.But if you hurt them then they listen pretty well. Also it's just not "tough" to talk. So you have to be mean. That's why I think.

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    I used to feel sorry for the people who do the shootings. I used to feel sorry for what went wrong in their minds. Now I just HATE the guy who did the NIU shooting. My parents were both working at NIU and I was at school. I did not know if they were alright. I used to feel sorry for the people who do the shootings but that guy was an ******. My parents probably know someone who was killed too. I was so worried about my parents! that bastard!!!

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    do no longer circulate. Been there, executed that. final year, my district had a chain of bomb threats. each and each time, we've been placed into lockdown. all human beings became into hustled into the main gym, and the doors have been locked. protection on all entrances, and no one became into allowed to leave till the development were "secured." we've additionally had "unauthorized focused visitor" lockdowns, drug lockdowns, and situations the place somebody risky the two became into no longer in custody, or escaped custody, and police felt there became right into a danger to the college. precise now, you're in all probability questioning, it won't have the ability to ensue, precise? nicely, it ought to. All too definitely. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in all probability advised some human beings, besides. And seem how that ended up -- the next day, lots ought to ensue, and additionally you do no longer opt for to be there whilst it does. for my area, taking a math attempt isn't nicely worth my existence. EDIT: If it have been me, i could stay domicile, and if I had to, i could bodily stop my pals from going, besides, to no longer point out every person else that i ought to. i do no longer care if i'm getting in hardship for contributing to juvenile delinquency, or despite. My college has 2 law enforcement officials and a 12 or so cumbersome team members that would especially lots carry their own, yet even nevertheless, it quite isn't any longer adequate. We purely have approximately 1300 pupils, despite the fact that, my city has between the final drug and crime issues interior the country -- in certainty, we made the conceal of Time magazine for our drug subjects. all human beings says, it quite is purely a humorous tale, or a prank.. unlikely to ensue.. yet particularly, does it count how possibly it quite is? the two it quite is going to, or it won't.. yet what if it does? you won't have the ability to be certain that it's going to no longer; no possible. there are simple strategies to get weapons at school -- believe me. metallic detectors or no longer, it quite is a few distance from impossible. Say 19 of those "jokes" take place throughout 2008. So, by utilising the twentieth, all human beings thinks, "it quite is purely a humorous tale.." yet, what takes place whilst somebody's ultimate chum, somebody's daughter, somebody's niece, seem down the barrel of a gun and don't stay long adequate to realize what they are watching? don't be the sufferer of "the single that quite wasn't a humorous tale." it quite isn't any longer nicely worth it.

  • maybe not enough love at home, support at school, maybe a messed up life, maybe a boring life, maybe they want to die, maybe they dont fear anything, feel like they have nothing to lose.

    life is frustrating some people dont know how to deal with it.

    not everyone is patient and understand and peaceful, some people dont care who they hurt , maybe theyve been hurt and no one cared.

    its sad. its sad that they would hurt so many people. but then again who knows how those people treated others

    im not saying anyone deserves it, because people get killed that dont have anything to do with it, its just because.

    if they plan on committing suicide they got nothing to lose in their eyes.

    I can just suggest doing your best to teach your son to treat others good. But sometimes you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Its crazy. I dont know what im gonna do when my son grows up.

    GOOD luck, all the best. its a crazy world. do your best to protect him while you can.

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    Some people are sadly mentally ill. It's very unlikely that this will happen at your school, though. It's more likely that he will get killed crossing the road or in a car everyday.

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    It could possibly be loneliness. Maybe the person was an outkast. They maybe could have had psychological problems or something may have happened to them when they were yougner. It could be a lot of different things.

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    the kids a freak. im sorry for all those lost but this whole thing pisses me off. when i heard that he killed himself i was upset, i wouldve liked somone else to pop that bastard. people like him make me sick.

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