How can some christians claim the bible is perfect and without error when the number of books in the bible?

and the number of books has been changed much over the centuaries. For example Luther excluded whole books in the bible which we have in our bibles today. And the Roman Catholics included the Apocryhpa. Isn't the adherence to perfection of a book a bit unrealistic.

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    How could I POSSIBLY claim that the Bible is "perfect"?

    For instance, four of the most critical books of Christianity (well, what I consider to be? Not sure about YOU) Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, were the eyewitness accounts of Jesus and early Christianity.

    I would compare it to a traffic accident. Mat, Luke, John and Mark are each standing at a different corner of a four-way intersection where an accident occurs. All four of them will have the 'gist' of what happened, but they're all standing at a different point of view.

    If you have four witnesses appear in court, are they all going to say exactly the same thing? Probably not. The Bible simply CANNOT be "perfect".

    Then again, if you pick up any kind of US history textbook in a school, you'll probably find that it has done away with "certain sections", probably to make the United States look better.

    Does that mean its fiction and everything you know about history is a lie?

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    Not only that, here's a fact most people don't know: That story about who should throw the first stone? Etc, etc, etc........

    Wonderful and wise story, but it didn't show up any copies of the gospel until the Middle Ages.

    In other words, Jesus never said it! And no one knows who did.

    There are MANY gospels, but only 4 were chosen by the early church fathers to be included. There are the Gospels of Thomas, Peter, Phillip and Mary Magdalene.

    Plus if you look at those very closely, you will notice that the gospels rejected also showed that women had more power and respect than the early church "fathers" felt comfortable with. They played an integral part in the formation of the early church.

    Consequently, they were thrown out. You can still find them in the Gnostic gospels.

    So much has been misinterpreted over the ages that I too cannot understand WHO's word is god's word.

    Hmmmm.....We view Greek mythology as just that. But somehow, the early Judeo-Christian writings are labeled the "word of god."

    What's the difference??

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    Constant research shows that some things are not authentic and some things are, things which are proven to be inauthentic are removed.

    Remember also that up until a couple hundred years ago, normal people weren't allowed to read or even own a copy of the bible so who is to say what was originally in it or not and it's difficult to believe in something like the apocrypha when the bible was controlled by a single group of clergy with it's own interests to protect.

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    The Catholic Bible does contain certain books that are excluded from the Protestant Bible. However, it does not change the plan of salvation for mankind. It seems to me most of the books from the Catholic Bible that are excluded from the Protestant Bible are mostly on good conduct. Whether Catholic or Protestant we all believe in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, virgin birth, Christ coming into the world to save sinful man, which provides a way to the Father. He died, was buried and rose again. This does not change.

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    in case you do no longer reject Christ than why do you reject His e book. The Christ interior the bible says that no longer something is to be further or taken from it. The bible isn't tremendously much love and compassion, it is likewise approximately punishment and retribution. i do no longer think that somebody who disputes the bible is inevitably dammed to hell. yet once you relatively get to comprehend the Christ of the bible you will have not have been given any undertaking accepting it. The bible isn't purely yet another e book, whether it may no longer be worshiped, you're staggering it relatively is idolatry. we could desire to worship the God of the bible purely! have you ever study the bible? If no longer, accomplish that, and ask the Christ of the bible that could be useful you recognize why that's a undeniable e book.

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    May I suggest reading, Guide to the Old and New Testaments by Isaac Asimov. He takes the Bible from an historical viewpoint and points out hundreds of mistranslations, misconceptions, and outright lies. The Bible is NOT perfect, all though it has great teachings to be followed.

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    there is 1 manuscript of the bible that has not changed throughout history, and a few that have changed and been corrupted by man. i wont go into detail because i think it would be falling on deaf ears. it is a persons right to believe or to not believe, but i would be very interested to know what percentage of people who talk the most trash about christianity and the bible have ACTUALLY STUDIED into the subject. i suspect it would be a very low pecentage.

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    I think you're confusing the question here.

    The Bible consists of many books. The church elected to keep these books in the Bible. There are other books, the Apocryhpa or the Midrash (sp?).

    I've never known a Christian to claim that the Bible is PERFECT. It's a great book and a guide to our religion, but using the Apocryhpa doesn't mean it's imperfect either.

    When you learn English, do you read other books as well? Of course! Same goes here.

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    if i were to add something to the bible and then found some followers and they became quote un quote belivers, and someone was to ask them to explain (the verse that "I" added) they would be argueing something that was never in the bible and really don,t even deserve an answer...thus is the faith of the christian, and the reason they are so easily deceived!....if you want to control a people put it in the bible because all of the great rulers of history did.

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    Catholics sometimes add the Apocrypha and as far as Luther was concerned he wasn't Lutheran but a "reformed" catholic monk. Protestant/ historical christianity has always agreed on 66 books which is what we have today in bibles (not paraphases).

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