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i got demoted.?

im still not shure what to do i have been wating for a while to get my SPC back. i got the TIG and the TIS for it. without a waver. i talked to my chain and they are not helping me at all.

thanks for the help.



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    You got demoted for a reason.

    The chain of command is more interested in soldiers who DON'T get demoted than helping out those that have been.

    You want to impress them? Suck it up and drive on, troop. That'll be the most impressive thing you can do at the moment.

    Source(s): US Army, Retired.
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    Well, Maybe I just don't know, but all the spc tig tis. are confusing to me. you didn't say why you got demoted. was it something you did or didn't do. If so work hard and correct it. If not go the correct officials and file a complaint. I know sounds simple but life is simple if you set back and look at it. Before you do anything Just stop and ask God what he wants from you. Then listen you will be able to find out. AG.

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