The Rise of the Middle Ages?

I have to write a paragraph that supports this statement "Americans today are governed by a constitution that traces its origins back to events in Engliand in the 1200s" It says to consider

- The struggle for power between England's kings and nobles during the middle ages

- The rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights

please help[;

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    The event that is refered to is the signing of the Magna Carta (i.e. "Great Charter") by King John at Runnymede in 1215. This document ended, to a certain extent, the Norman excesses of power that had dominated England since the Norman invasion in 1066. As a result, England never developed the philosophy of "Divine Right of Kings" that would eventually plunge France in to Revolution.

    The framers of the US Constitution, in many ways, drew inspiration from the Magna Carta. This essay explains so much more than I have space for here:

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    I got home tonight and found this announcement in my in-box. I thought I'd pass it on:

    A conference, "Magna Carta and the World of King John," will be held at the Pennsylvania State University (University Park campus), March 28-29, 2008. Nine distinguished European and U.S. scholars will examine various groups and institutions of that society, in attempt to fill in the background of the Great Charter: the world of King John, and additional sessions will deal with teaching about Magna Carta and its time period. Speakers are as follows:

    Barbara Hanawalt, Ohio State University

    David Crouch, University of Hull

    James Brundage, University of Kansas

    James Masschaele, Rutgers University

    Janet Loengard, Moravian College

    John Hudson, University of St. Andrews, (Scotland)

    Ralph V. Turner, Florida State University

    ReGena DeAragon, Gonzaga University

    John Gillingham, London School of Economics and Political Science

    Inquiries should be made to Vickie Ziegler, Director, Center for Medieval Studies, Penn State University or her research assistant, Laurie Rizzo (

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    The Roman provinces that have been left at the back of had each little thing yet leaders. that they had roads, systems of government, militia, they only did no longer have human beings to pay taxes to. Farther North, with out the stress type Rome, Germanic Tribes began to unfolded and calm down, finally evolving into the middle Age Powers of england, France, Germany, and a variety of of different others. additionally, the jap Roman Empire, the Byzantines, survived for purely approximately a a million,000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire, and that they have been the seat of Catholic ability for extremely a while. it extremely is important, because of the fact often, the Church had extra ability than the two interior reach kings, or perhaps the Holy Roman Emperor. additionally, The Byzantine Empire got here under attack from Muslim communities in the time of the middle a while, and that introduced approximately the Crusades.

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    Check out the Magna Carta and the circumstances around its signing. That should answer some of your questions.

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    concider talking about the Normand invasion, the crusades, Black Death, and the great chain of being! they all have to do with the lack of power in the middle ages

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