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what are the benefits of sitting 20 minutes in a steam sauna room? (4 days a week)?

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    Heat treatments or thermotherapy, are what steam rooms and saunas really are. They benefit the mind, body and spirit. Aside from taking time to pamper yourself and let go of the many distractions of the day, steam rooms and saunas provide very real benefits such as:

    Opening the pores of the skin to allow for the release of toxins

    Ease muscular pain

    Allow for increased joint mobility

    Relieves sinus pressure by opening airways

    Stimulate circulation of the blood through the body

    Assist in removing scar tissue from the body

    Boosts the immune system

    Release stress and tension

    Improved sleep

    Some research suggests that spending 10 to 20 minutes in the heated environment burns as many calories as running two to three miles and that the increase in metabolism is equivalent to a fast walk. I believe the steam room and sauna are beneficial however should not be considered a replacement for exercise.

    So, which, if any, is best? That is completely up to you.

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    For those who do not like any exercise routine, then they may go for sauna to sweat. The sweat brings toxins out of the body as well. The heat in the steam room does help to burn down some of the fat in the body. The heat also help ease tired muscles.

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    Studies show that it is extremely beneficial to sweat profusely at least once a day, and a sauna session effectively creates a temporary rise in temperature, in effect, giving the body a quick fever. Read full article here:

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    Saunas are said to be for weight loss. When you sweat a lot, you burn calories through your sweat.

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    other than relaxing, it actually opens your pores and detoxes you of all the harmful chemicals in your body. enjoy!

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