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Mickey Red asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

What do the chimes mean when flying in an airplane?

When I am a passenger in an airplane, I hear different chimes or a combination of chimes during flight. It appears that one of the chimes indicates 10K feet, and another indicates cruising altitude. Is there a pilot or flight attendant that can let me know what they really mean ??? I have found other answers on Yahoo! Answers that were clearly wrong.

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    Hmmm theres so many different types but each one has a meaning depending on the location of the aircraft either takeoff cruise descent etc!!!

    Genearlly they are as follows:-

    1 x chime for a passenger call bell

    2 x chimes if the crew are calling each other

    2 x chimes to indiacte takeoff and landing

    5 x hi / low chimes an emergancy!!!

    2x bong!! for the seatbelt sign flashing for top of climb for crew to be released and same again for crew to be seated for landing!

    3x Chimes if toilet smoke detector activated

    1x Chime for toilet call bell

    1x HIGH, HIGH LOW Chime for emergancy Interphone call to Manager

    1x LOW LOW HIGH Chime for Crew help needed!

    If you listen carefully the are two tones of call chime. A hi and a low. These will vary depending on operator and aircraft type!!

    Source(s): My partner and I are both cabin crew!!!!
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  • 3 years ago

    Airplane Chime

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The only chimes i've ever come across on a flight are coincidental with the captain turning the seatbelt light on or off.

    Also, a passenger hitting the crew summons button can give a chime too, depending on airline.

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