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Wait Just a Minute Here - If Record Cold and Heat Are Both Attributed To Global Warming , Then How Will?

Then How Will The Liberals EVER Be Able To Prove Global Warming Is Under Control ? . . .. .That Is, ASSuming Man-Made Global Warming Even Exists .


frank - I'm sure some will call you a punk , but I won't . I'm also sure that others will call you an insolent juvenile with no respect for others, but I won't . I'm also sure that others will call you a jack*** for such an answer , but I won't . I'll just simply ask you to elaborate .

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    Chuck Norris causes global warming when he breathes.

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    The Earth's temperature is constantly rising and falling. Since the last ice age ended 10,700 years ago, there have been seven major warming and cooling trends. Of the six trends preceding the current period of warming, three produced temperatures warmer than the present average of 59°F while three produced temperatures that were cooler.

    The two centuries preceding the current era of global warming were the coldest in nearly 11,000 years. In the year 1650, the temperature plunged to a low of 57°F, the coldest point since the ice age. That is why the era between 1650 and 1850 is known as the Little Ice Age.

    The two periods in history in which the planet was significantly warmer than today were characterized by bountiful harvests and economic prosperity. Between 6500 B.C. and 3500 B.C., the temperature rose to 62°F, three degrees warmer than today. This is the temperature that Greenhouse theory proponents claim will be the temperature by 2100 and which will supposedly wreak havoc on the environment. However, it was precisely during this time that the Agricultural Revolution began, laying the foundation for civilization. Between 900 A.D. and 1100 A.D., when the temperature rose to 61°F, Europe experienced record harvests and economic prosperity.

    Source(s): The National Center for Public Policy Research
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    What makes you think the Liberals want to ever stop crying wolf about global warming? It's the best con job ever.

    First of all, they've changed the name to "Climate Change" because the temperature records don't support the theory, especially the climatologist's theory model which specifically states that if CO2 is the driver for increased planetary temperature, the upper atmosphere would rise faster than the surface temperature. That has been proven false.

    I can imagine in the year 2088, a world reduced to penury has statues in every town and city to "The Great and Glorious Gore" who saved the planet from extinction. Shoeless people in dirty, tattered rags will make a yearly pilgramage to the nearest Gore Statue, and trade mysterious, fabulous stories of an age when the Great Gore stopped the planet from destroying itself. All the Great Gore asked in return for his magnificence were puny "carbon credits" from everyone.

    This "man" must truly have been a living god.

    Of course, that plunged the world economy into bankrupcy. Factories could no longer operate, no one could afford all the taxes heaped upon them, and slowly the world's economies shrank like raisins in the sun until people were back to living in huts with no electricity.

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    First of all its not just who you would call liberals. There are plenty of scientist who say there is man made global warming and their pretty conservative. So lets not blame Liberals. Its people from all walks of life and political persuasion.

    What I can't get my head around is when I see the weather each night they give the highest and lowest temperature recorded for that day and more often than not they go back 50, 60 sometimes 70 years. I don't get that. Was there global warming back then? Also, in the 70's the scientists were predicting a coming ice age in the next 100 years. What happened to that?

    I have never heard a satisfactory explanation for anything I have mentioned above so I am not on board with these dire predictions of man made global warming.

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    heat(er) air is extra conducive to snow fall by way of fact heat air holds extra moisture. yet with out those chilly arctic and polar fronts bringing freezing temperatures, the snow would not ensue. Likewise, you opt for a water source. no count if it quite is a lake, river or ocean. The Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic-based lows herald water over suitable the chilly airmass. Many storms lose moisture as they ascend over mountainous areas. In essence they dry out. Many storms that start up close to lakes won't produce very lots snow the farther from that lake or lakes. yet to declare that it quite is international warming that's accounting for those snowfalls, is a attain. issues like a descending or ascending jet pass, an top air trough, a vorticity max or another disturbance is what motives the carry necessary to offer clouds, which produces the possibility for rain. those outbreaks, no count if chilly or heat are no longer unavoidably a harbinger of any international vogue, yet extra desirable than possibly, area of an prolonged term cyclical technique, that has extra to do with the substitute of warmth between oceans and the encircling sea surfaces and surroundings... JS- you purely proved my element. it quite is heat air blending with chillier that produces this variety of snow. it takes moisture and that comes from ocean bodies, commonly for this variety of adventure. it quite is it appears that evidently obvious, that maximum here understand so little approximately climate and climate. people who declare it quite is all junk technological know-how, has it precise

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    Global warming exists (both poles are melting) but on an incredibly complex system like Earth weather system it means that in some areas the changes will mean colder weather. Just like La nina brings both droughts and more rains but in different parts of the world. But the general average temperature is going up.

    And latest analysis show that it cannot be stopped, too much momentum, but it can be slowed to manageable damage control.

    Of course, it would also mean taking responsibility.

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    This whole man-made-global-warming crap is just another way to control the population by injecting more fear into your lives. This ranks right up there with the whole "you can't survive if you live near power lines because the magnetic field will kill you" garbage they heap on you one year, and the next they're selling you bracelets with magnets in them to promote good health. It's all bovine excrement.

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    They say weather and climate change a two separate things and then blame hurricanes and tornados on global warming.

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    Contrary to popular belief, global warming is just a theory. Have fun with the liberals who will now try to shove this crap down your throat.

  • 1 decade ago's some fine, educational reading...about the history of 'climate' on our planet. It's a phase we're in...

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