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The X-Files - Fox Mulder and Dana Scully?

Undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best science fiction production of the '90s - Chris Carter is a genius.

Does anyone know episode in which Mulder and Scully first kissed? I've got every episode of the X-files, I think it may be in season 7 or 8 although, I'm not certain.



Yep, another X-Files movie is on the cards - or so I've heard. It really was a brilliant show, shame it ended. I used to love the repartee between Fox and Dana, the believer vs the sceptic. Why do we have to brook the tripe the BBC dishes up now? Unsurprising youngsters are going round saying "wot" and "innit".

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    "Triangle" in Season Six. But it was when they were on the ghost ship and were different people during WWII, so I don't know if that counts.

    They didn't kiss in the movie, they started to but she was stung by the bee before their lips could touch.

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    Season 7, episode 5, "Millennium"

    Crossover with Chris Carter's Millennium concludes the saga of Frank Black. Mulder and Scully's first real romantic kiss tales place on the eve of the year 2000.

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    I could be wrong, but I don't believe Scully ever says "Why was I assigned to the x-files" (or to work with Mulder) in 'pilot', but she does say it in the movie; 'Fight the Future'. Scully: "Why was I assigned to you in the first place, Mulder..." (Hallway scene)

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    That show totally rocks, you're right, Chris Carter is a genius!

    I loved it when it was on the air, and now my 15 year old daughter loves it also!

    I'm not sure when they kissed, though.

    Did you hear another X-Files movie was coming?

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    Millenium. Triangle did NOT count, because it was in an alternate universe. And yes, there is a sequel in the works. It's supposed to come out on July 25th, 2008. (at least in the US)

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    The SciFi Channel has it in reruns and I saw one of the ones from the first season the other day that I never saw before. It was aawesome!! I still love that show.

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    No idea I was abducted by aliens when that was on the air.

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    I thought it was in the movie when they first kissed.

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    Not sure, but I wish they would bring it back

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