Are people from the west aware that Racak incident (Kosovo war 1999) was just a well staged show?

Albanian terrorists shot at Serbian security forces from that village and when Serbian army entered the village and killed the terrorists,Albanians just switched the clothes of the dead terrorists for civilian to stage a "genocide".Bullet holes on the clothes and dead bodies don't even match!William Walker was also well payed by Albanian lobby to make his false claims against Serbs.NATO was fooled and used by a bunch of terrorists.Face it,the west $crewed up when it comes to Kosovo conflict.

P.S.The dead women and children among Albanians were also members of Albanian rebels,don't be surprised they used women and children too.


completely wrong tom.Nobody killed 8000 Muslims at Srebrenica,there is no proof,just guesses.And yes,those Muslims were also Muslim soldiers that committed awful atrocities in village of Kravice(where they slaughtered both old and young,both male and female),so they were punished.

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    Yeap, William Walker, head of the OSCE, was on the CIA paycheck.

    The problem with the war in entire Yugoslavia are guys like gillon j who threw common civilians into mutual bloodshed.

    What they do today is act like normal people, but think where else to create humanitarian catastrophes for fulfillment of the paychecks given from their warlords.

    "serbs acted like animals in fact it is an insult to animals"

    Of course people here acted like animals. That is what war does to people. They couldn't have acted like Paris women drinking their morning tea.

    "source is me looking into a trench full of bodies decomposing murdered by serb soldiers"

    It is good corpses decompose. That is called "food chain."

    "what a pair of idiots I was in Bosnia in 92/93"


    That lowlife here doesn't have the decency to admit that his people created the war in my country causing my people to kill each other "like animals," but tells us here how he felt humane watching his own bloody hands over some trench full of corpses. These corpses would have been alive and happy people if he and his people hadn't come over to position themselves into a political trench war against Russia and fulfill some political compensation because of the Western policy toward the Middle East.

    Although we are talking about Kosovo, he was in Bosnia where he concluded that the same things happened in Kosovo, and will be happening anywhere where Serbs appear.

    Well, I am a Serb, so f## him. Em all as well.

    I am not going to say that the guy is stupid. In the best case, there is some internal conflict going on in his head, causing such failure of seeing the big picture. Purposely or not, the guy seems a professional killer or belongs to the killing machinery (NATO, corrupted journalists, corrupted UN officials, ruthless people with own micro political career), and thus is responsible to be aware of the consequences of his existence.

    But gillon j doesn't behave like a professional doing his job and keeping silent about it. He comes here to tell us that we are idiots. He has no dignity. The burden of ASD and living in the same country as Tony Blair, is too much for that.

    They are the responsible. They are the guilty for the dead people in the trenches.

    "get a grip of reality and admit the crimes your country committed against humanity"

    Reality tells me that NATO professional killers are immune to international courts and that Serbia was already accused by Bosnia. Such accusation failed.

    Yes, the Serbs killed many people, but Serbs killed not to be killed. In wars, to kill is to survive. The more Muslims killed - less Serbs killed. That means that if I see him and his buddies around threatening my children with their depleted uranium, I will try to kill them before they kill me first, and they shall not be surprised if I go after their children, as much as I am not surprised seeing how many people die of cancer in Serbia.

    Besides, in Bosnia there were Muslims on the Serb side. The Avdic Muslims and Izetbegovic Muslims are too different things. Izetbegovic was the one who threw Bosnia into catastrophe. And as well, there are Serbs in Serbia who would be loyal NATO d### s@@@@@@ if given the chance.

    Same things happen anywhere where NATO appears destroying the lives of innocent civilians. Such is their karma.

    To the bottom line, for such things not to happen in the future, Muslims must realize the reason which threw them into disaster, and not search for guilt among their neighbors with whom they are bound to coexist, now that they forced Serbs into living in the same country.

    edit: Lol, gillon j, wheeeeeeeeeeeeerrre aaare youuu?

    Source(s): Not that I would be surprised, maybe gillon j took these photos:
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    So, all kosovans are terrorist rebels, yet they managed to find someone who was not, and she happened to be the only person who was a civilian rather than a terrorist, and they swapped her clothing???

    Oh, i guess the killing of 8,000 muslims as part of genocide was also them changing the clothing from "terrorists" and the video they made was in fact just a drama society thing.

    Everyone KNOWS what went on in the 1990s, they know what the Serbs wanted, they know that it was ethnic cleansing/genocide in order to get kosovo to be all serbian rather than muslim.

    People even now think the same thing, i bet you yourself want kosovo to be only serbian, well there are only two ways of doing this, ethnic cleansing or genocide. So how can you say it was not genocide?? You support the genocide of these people!!!

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    1 decade ago

    So was the the Srbenica massacre, so was the expulsion and displacement of 1000,000 people, so was Arkan and his Tigers fictional and invented characters just as Santa Clause and the Eastern Bunny. So was the shelling of Sarajevo where inncoent people were shot in the market place, and lets not forget all those Bosnian woman who lied about getting raped because people really enjoy killing and making up lies just to frame you Serbs. this is why you are alone in the world and basically ruined. Keep up the great work we are now a new country thanks to your way of thinking and your actions.

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    1 decade ago

    100% right.

    But don't forget to remember high IQ people are very dangerous because CNN or BBC will find it harder to manipulate them...

    The worst weapon politicians and medias in the world like using is "ignorance"...Still more dangerous than Hiroshima...

    And this weapon has been killing many Serbian people for nearly 2 decades.

    Laku noc.

    @Gillon, admit you are a CNN or BBC consumer as you may drink Pepsi or eat Macdo...

    Seemingly, you've never been to Bosnia.

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