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can i ride bike without a helmet if im 18?

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    Unless your local laws state otherwise, YES! of course you can!

    (wait for the doom and gloom merchants that will tell you, that a friend of a friend would be dead if they were not wearing one . . . YAWN !!!)

    EDIT: Thanks for your vote of confidence Silverbullet !

    As you probably know, I do wear a helmet when commuting or riding but if I fancy nipping to the shops late at night for some fags or beer then I don't get 'kitted up' - It's all about choice mate!


    (I could choose to ride on the pavement late at night with no lights, sunglasses, iPod, no-handed but I don't . . . . or do I ?)



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    Can you defy the law of gravity? If you can then you don't need a helmet to ride. You need a helmet when fall or crash with a car. While you may never crash with a car you will fall. Helmets are cheap insurance.

  • McG
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    can you ride? then you may. are you in the US? then you are free to ride without a helmet. (note: some states (like CA for example, have laws requiring a helmet for adults -- you are still free to break the law.)

    If you choose to not wear a helmet -- choose to not complain to the safety weenies if and when you bump your head.

    Edit: never give up silver!

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    Well of course im 16 and i ride these streets with no helmet at all. Doing tricks and all of that. Police never said nothing to me unless i ride on the sidewalk.

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    Only a complete fool rides without a helmet, period. 99% of all serious riders in my area wear one. The only adults who don't are street people on POS mountain bikes.

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    If you want to make it to 19 then keep the helmet ON !

  • 3 years ago

    California motor vehicle Code 21212 calls for all of us below the age of 18 to positioned on a helmet whilst using a bicycle, a nonmotorized scooter, or a skateboard, or in-line or curler skates on any street or motorbike way. It would not specify sidewalk yet that could get complicated because of the fact a number of the broader sidewalks around right here that meet specific standards are additionally categorised as classification I motorbike strategies. you additionally can guess money that maximum law enforcement officers gets you on the sidewalk and overlook with regard to the actuality that the regulation would not specify sidewalks. Like maximum states, California leaves the undertaking of sidewalk bicycling to community governments (CVC 21100(h)). using on the sidewalk could be unlawful based upon your community city/county rules. you will could desire to analyze those one by one. in simple terms positioned on a helmet. it somewhat is basic. it is likewise extra acceptable to holiday interior the line. See a number of my references below for the thank you to try this properly.

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    Put the helmet on and then add some shin and knee guards. It makes you look a lot tougher, and girls like tough guys.

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    OK, Mr. G, I give up.

    Please do. The world is too crowded with numbskulls as it is.


    Edit: You're probably safest after dark with no lights. If they can't see you, they can't hit you.

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    Yes, you have reached your majority and are free to do as you wish.

    Be careful and have fun.

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