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My ex husband is using my social security number and applying for credit or joint bank accounts.?

We have been divorced for 3 years, he has claimed me as a dependant on his taxes and most recently I found out he has gone online and opened a joint bank account (thanks bank of america for your stringent security measures!) with me as a co signer. He also has applied for joint credit with several companies. Every time he does this it marks my credit rating when my report gets run. How do I stop it? One person told me to change my SS number. How hard is that? How long does it take?


I have a restraining order against my ex, so Im not going to call him and tell him to stop, like he actually would.

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    contact you states attorney on this matter for theft on your ss# and call that bank and ask them what they are doing opening this stuff without you signing any papers and if so tel them you want to see the papers signed

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    Social Security Disability Evaluation -

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  • For every fraudulent account you find, immediately call and mail the bank or credit company and explain that this is an unauthorized account.

    Also contact the credit bureau with the same information.

    AND call the police, this is credit fraud.

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    Call all three credit bureaus and have fraud alerts put on your account.....Sign up with Equifax credit monitoring ($9.99 month) so you will be alerted immediately of further accounts opened under your name....

    Contact the IRS and notify them that you were placed as a dependent on his tax return in error.

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    Definitely call the police and put a fraud alert on your credit file.

    If your state allows freezing your credit, do it. No one will be able to access your credit.

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    Identity and credit fraud. Do it ASAP, he could REALLY damage your credit and identity and it will take forever to remedy. Go to your local ss office and tell them what's going on and ask about the possibility of getting a new number. It will be a hassle, but it might make it easier to catch him and prove that he's using your "old" number.

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    Call the police. File a police report. Your ex-husband is commiting fraud.

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    He shouldn't be doing that if you are officially divorced unless it says otherwize in the divorce settlement what you can have and what you can't have. I don't think he has any legal means to do that. You can go to jail for stuff like that for 3 years and up to 10 in some states.

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    Sure she "can" use it. But once she does that is Identity theft and fraud. So the divorced woman would end up in jail or prision.

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