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Where would I find info on buying stock in corn?

I believe ethanol is going to take off and I would like to get in now.

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    The Andersons, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates in the agriculture and transportation markets in the United States. It operates in five segments: Grain & Ethanol Group, Rail Group, Plant Nutrient Group, Turf & Specialty Group, and Retail Group. The Grain & Ethanol Group segment purchases and merchandises grain; operates grain elevator facilities; provides management services for ethanol production facilities; and engages in grain and ethanol trading. The Rail Group segment buys, sells, leases, rebuilds, and repairs various types of used railcars and rail equipment; and provides fleet management services to fleet owners, as well as operates a custom steel fabrication business. It also provides ongoing railcar maintenance and management services for the financial intermediary. The Plant Nutrient Group segment purchases, stores, formulates, manufactures, and sells dry and liquid fertilizer to dealers and farmers; provides warehousing and services; formulates liquid anti-icers and deicers for use on roads and runways; and distributes seeds and various farm supplies. The Turf & Specialty Group segment produces granular fertilizer products for the professional lawn care and golf course markets; and private label fertilizer, corncob-based animal bedding, and cat litter for the consumer markets. It sells consumer fertilizer and control products to mass merchandisers, small independent retailers, and other lawn fertilizer manufacturers. The Retail Group segment offers hardware, plumbing, electrical, and building supplies; and other housewares, as well as specialty foods, wine, and indoor and outdoor garden center products through its stores. This segment operates its stores under The Andersons name. The company was founded in 1947 and is based in Maumee, Ohio.


    Also, Archer Daniels Midland:


    Industry = farm products


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    besides buying stock in corn, you can also buy stock in companies that produce ethanol. I do need to warn you though that producing ethanol from corn is not economical. It is more a government pet project. And if they decide to pull the plug, which they probably will not because of all the vested interests involved now, corn may come back down to a more normal price.

    One possibility is to buy stock in an index fund with a holding in corn. JJG is one. It is a grain index 24% corn, 30% wheat, and 46% soy beans. Actually, when the price of corn goes up, it drives the price of the other grains up also because a farmer generally has an option on which to plant. $64.36 a share as I write this up $1.50 today.

    Another option is JJA, an agriculture index. 15% corn.

    A back door entry is to buy stock in Deere. After all it takes farm implements to make it happen. DE 86.22 a share.

    One of the ethanol producers is PEIX 6.00 a share. They are not doing too well because of the high price of corn.

    Finally, there is the possibility of investing in anhydrous amonia production. Can't grow corn without it. CF Industries Holdings is your best bet there. CF 114.54 a share. Kind of missed the boat on that one. It was in the 30s a year ago.

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    You don't buy stock in corn you buy futures. The ethanol factor is already priced into the market although there probably is more upside. A way to buy stock though would be to purchase company's that run farming operations.

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  • Utopia
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    you have to buy in Futures. Its a seperate account from basic stocks. I think the min. is $10,000 to open a futures account

    with most brokers

    I would check out solar over ethonal



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    look up there and you will not wonder long cheers n grts

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