What's the location of the Visa Check Card commercial "Against the Clock" that takes place in a movie theater?

I believe this commercial is one of the Super Bowl 2008 ads. When I saw it I was sure that it was the Village Recoleta in Buenos Aires, but I can't find any information to support that idea, other than I felt that I was there again! The ceilings, carpets, the entire design of the place seems the same, and I never heard that the Village Recoleta is a replica of any other movie theater. Does anyone know?


Thanks Lynn! Actually, in the list there is a name that hadn't caught my attention before, the director Armando Bo is from Buenos Aires, and I have just sent an e-mail to the agency he works for to see if it is in fact the Village Recoleta. I am so convinced it is. Having been there so many times, it is as if you were seeing a picture of your own room with extra people doing weird things. It is just the place and the decoration, patterns, the way things are set up (from the big screen to the escalators and staircases) is all the exact same. So, I hope to get an answer because I can't take it anymore!!!! Thanks again!

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  • Lynn
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    1 decade ago
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    This was the only info I could find about it:

    Advertising Agency: TBWA/Chiat, New York, USA

    Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz

    Creative Director: Patrick O’Neill

    Associative Creative Director: Steve Zumwinkle

    Art Director: John Dwight

    Copy Writer: Eric Arnold

    Producer: Lisa Effress

    Assistant Producer: Christopher Spencer

    Director: Armando Bo

    Production Company & City: Anonymous Content, Culver City

    Producer: Lisa Effress

    Post Production Company & City: Chrome, Santa Monica

    Editor: Lance Pereira

    Music & Music Publisher: Elias, original score

    VFX / SFX Company: MoneyShots, Los Angeles

    Media agency: OMD

    Sorry, I know it isn't much help. Maybe you can contact someone from Visa about it :D


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I have heard that there are some porno theaters in the city near where I live where people get wild and crazy and shed their clothes. One theater has gay nights and bi- nights, I'm sure, as I saw an ad for them in the local free newspaper.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe it was a set. It's hard to film something like that in a real location.

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