who is having a sad valentine's day?

i am :( no school= no celebration or fun on v-day :(

i was so looking forward for today! i thought

someone would ask me to be their valentine.. but

now i know there is no hope :( of all the days why did we

have to have a snow day today?!!?!?!?!!?!?!? :(

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    DON"T BE SAD!! Just because Valentine's Day is a day about love doesn't mean you need a bf/gf to share it with. Think of the people who really love you and are always there for you..your friends, your family. Share the day with them because they are the ones who will always love you no matter what! If you're stuck home send some Valentine e-cards to your friends!

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    Join the club Honey- Your not alone- but one thing is for sure- its not a bad club- if your feeling sorry for yourself then your gonna give off tha vibe- then no wonder you didn't get asked out- you have to be confident be your own valentine- make your self feel good today. Just because you see all this stuff on the media and society doesnt mean you have to go by it. When you find one of many special someones- trust girl- It'll feel like Valentines everyday & it will be so worth it. Just roll with it girl dont let society make you feel like less off a person. If you believe your hot you will be to others. So stay at home take a warm shower and watch funny shows or movies Good luck!!!

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    I'm having a bad day. My fiancee got up in a bad mood. Complaining about money. (obviously he doesnt want to go out) He was just screaming and yelling he couldnt find his car keys, and because he didn't have enough time to down load yesterday's T-man show. So yeah, i know he's going to be like this all day. (im not that surprised, he always gets in a bad mood, so he doesnt have to do anything with me). Anyways, it sucks because i know everyone at work is all happy and waiting to get off to go spend time with their loved one, while me, i really dont want to go home. I know its going to be a long night. (not in a good way) :(

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  • I have no valentine and i am just fine with that, but my best friend ever, tarrah, is sooooooo mad at me. i will tell u what happened w/oi actually telling what happened:

    yesterday in math she yellled something about me really loud to the whole class, and she didnt understand why it was so rude, then someone asked her to be their valentine so i told one of our friends, hanna, and i was in the middle of telling her when tarrah yells at me "Cné dont!" and me being so mad at her i wasnt going to sit there and listen to her so i told hanna and then tarrah is like cné josh said he was just kidding and didnt wanna b my valentine, and if i would have known that b4 i wouldnt have told hanna but she didnt so i did tell, and today when she was passing out her prez. she handed one to everyone around me not even looking at me, and then when she doesnt end up looking at me i thought of "if looks could kill" and reallyif u knew what she did to me you would say i should be the one pissed not her, and everyone at my school agrees with me, and i was going to go get up in her face about it but one of friends stoped me.


    i am trying out for o ur schools play and it is a 5-day tryout and i totally did sooo bad to day. worse than the first day. and i only got to read once. now i am scard i would get the part. :(

    talk about bad days.....

    EDIT--i just found my fish dead....

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am because I have no boyfriend and this is my first Valentine's Day without my dad.

  • 4 years ago

    I would say dump him. He does not seem that into you. A guy knows when he wants to celebrate with his loved one. You are making excuses for him not treating you the way you want to be treated by him. It does not seem he appreciates you. It is not worth being with people that do not treat you nicely.

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    Mines horrible. My boyfriend broke up with me today and asked my best friend out.

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    Im having a sad one. More so disappointment than sad.....but to say the least, its not a good day :(

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm sorry Sweet hope you guys least get a belated celebration. lol... serious hope it gets better!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm going to my Grandmothers Funeral

    OH and I had to convince my friend not to kill himself [earlier this morning]. He was one painkiller away from suicide.

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