How long will a cold sore to heal using abreva?

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Personal experiences? Anything else I can do to speed up the healing process??
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If you use the Abreva right away, it shouldn't grow any bigger at all. If it's already active, there is no use in using the abreva at all.
The abreva is designed to start healing BEFORE your cold sore becomes active, that why the commercial says "use at the first tingle." If it's already a blister, then use blistex or carmex to heal it, and it usually takes about 3 to 4 days unfortunately.
I got my info from my Pharmasist at Walgreens and he was right, the next time I got one, I used the Abreva right away and it never got any bigger. Hope I helped for next time.
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
    I saw that commercial this morning and it said a week- good luck!
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  • rachey12345 answered 6 years ago
    girl its gonna take a little while not a over nite thing
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