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environmental engineering?

please throw some light upon the career opportunities in environmental engineering. i am a chemical engineering student and hope to do some stuff in environmnetal consultancy.

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    Well ........Ummmmmmmmmm I am a Chemical Engineer by academic studies and changed Profession to Environmental Engineering due the very high demand in the society. The scope of this field very high. Best wishes..

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    Hi I am an environmental engineer myself and I can tell you that it is hot right now. I am 32 years old and I am making pretty decent money for my age as an renewable energy specialist.

    Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Carbon Management are all areas of environmental engineering that are in great demand right now. Specially Carbon management and renewable energies.

    So if you have options to choose a specialization within the environmental engineering field now you know which ones could be interesting.

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    Beside organic and organic Chemistry, Microbiology is likewise cautioned by way of area in sewage remedy calculations of B.O.D. (organic and organic oxygen call for) and C.O.D.(chemical oxygen call for)

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