Do you complain to companies when you get a bad product, and do you expect some kind of "consolation prize"

Often, I buy products (usually food products) and when the products fails to meet my (or it's own)expectations, I complain. So far, Heinz sent me coupons and I am waiting for an answer from Kraft.

I have also extended my complaints to a Video game store where a clerk lied to me and was very rude..

I use to know a girl who would use this method often... Going as far as getting free hotel rooms.

What do you guys do.. and what do you get? :)

P.S. The school of thinking of "quit complaining" will get you no sympathy. Big companies claim to make good products, if they don't they HAVE the means to make it worth your while.


Debbi, complaining about things that are not as advertised is not taking advantage.. it's actually making sure that big companies to not take advantage of YOU.

As for being able to afford them. You actually save more money if you complain about a bad product rather than just trow it out and complain to yourself.

But, if you like to get ****ed over. By all means, enjoy it! :)

And miss molly, I totally agree with you. I do not complain to small businesses (because i usually who i am buying from). Prepackaged products, bad services, etc.. are all fair game imo.

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  • Lisa
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    1 decade ago
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    I complain to companies for food products I purchase that are not up to standard. I usually get coupons for free replacement product.

    I do not consider it taking advantage, as Debbie said. They have 800 #'s and web addresses on the packages for a reason. They want to know when their product is flawed so they can correct the issue.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think if it is a reasonable complaint to a large corporation than go for it.

    I do not complain to small shops just because i know it doesn't help.

    My boyfriend gets free hotel rooms money taken off of his credit card and everything.

    I guess if it is done in a nice manner it is fine, but i don't see any reason calling these companies and complaining, rudely, to the poor little person who happens to be the receptionist.

    You get more flies with honey than vinegar and i think this is a prime example.

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    It sounds like you are taking advantage of the system which only drives up prices for the rest of us. If you cant afford it dont buy it but stop looking for reasons to ***** just to save yourself some cash at the expense of other consumers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd complain only when the problem is authentic. If they don't respond, or behave rudely, I'd approach the consumer redressal forums.

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