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judy asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


我都唔知是應該好嬲或是好笑, 首先,我想問問你可以保持原定的出貨日期嗎?

其次,我相信你應該知道下一步如何處理啦! 但我重覆再講你聽 :

1. 將現有物料按照定單數量總和去平均地把每個尺碼 作減少件數, 使能夠把同一的型號上合符平均比例。

2. 請記住那個(入口証)到期日是3月尾,握緊最好時機,勿切把出貨日期一遲再遲。


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Should I be angry or amused? First of all, I would need to know whether you could retain the due date or not.

    Secondly, although you should already know the proceedings, I will state them all as follow:

    1. Use the existing materials to tailor every size equally in respect to the grand quantity total as stated on the invoice. This would require the amount of some sizes to be reduced in order to match the average ratio on the same model.

    2. Please note that [the entrance permit] is due by the end of March, manage your time wisely, and do not by any means to delay the due date again.

    I advise you to place the materials into production immediately, and other queries can be discussed until early next week. This would ensure the customers are satisfied.

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