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During displacement test , what will Iron(atom) change to?

During displacement test , Iron(pure metal) is put into Copper(2) sulphate(aq). Copper coating is formed on the metal surface , how about the colour of the solution? Pale green (Iron(2) sulphate)? Yellow or brown(Iron(3) sulphate)?

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    The following displacement is iron(2) displace copper(2) reaction.

    Because iron(2) is a reducing agent which donate electron to copper(2) ions, copper(2) ions reduced by accept electron to form copper(2) metal.

    Iron(3) ions solution is resulting solution because iron(2) is oxidized to give yellow iron(3) ions solution.

    So, the solution will change in colour from pale blue solution(copper(2) sulphate(aq)) to yellow solution(Iron(3) sulphate(aq))

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    It should be Iron(II) sulphate.

    because Iron(III) ion should be existed during the reduction of Iron(II) ion

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