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Anonymous asked in 家用電器遊戲及裝備其他 - 遊戲及裝備 · 1 decade ago

pokemon catch(2)

How to catch No.492シェイミ(Shaymin)?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, you need to access the event in Tokyo ( In Japan, news ) by " Mystery Gift ".

    - How to use Mystery Gift -

    -Go to Jubilife City TV

    -Go to the 3rd floor

    -Talk to the man that next to the model

    -Talk to him and he will ask you to type something, choose "EVERYONE" from the group of "PEOPLE", then choose "HAPPY" from the group of "FEELING"

    -Then he will ask you to type something again, choose "WI-FI" and "Connection" from the group of "UNION"

    -After the conversation, shut down your DS , then turn on again, then you will see a "Mystery Gift" button

    Then it is time to obtain a gift!

    First you must check if you are in Tokyo, turn on your "Mystery Gift", then choose "Receive a gift", then choose "Receive from Wireless", then soon you will obtain an "Oak's letter", then you choose "Transfer to D/P".

    Then access to your game and obtain the letter from a Pokemart, from a dude dressed in green, you will then obtain the "Oak's Letter", it is in your "Key item".

    Then head to route 224, through Victory Road, in a cave that on the right, after you go through a few caves, you will find yourself in route 224.

    Head to North and you will find Professor Oak standing beside the white rock.He will ask you to say thanks to the one you mostly want to, then just type it ahead, whatever.

    Then your screen will sparkle and sparkle into white, don't think that your DS has downed, then after it backs to normal, you will find that the dry piece of land had turned to a flower path!

    Then Shaymin will walk down to you and escape by running to the Seabreak Path, Professor Oak will then ask you to chase Shaymin and just chase then.

    After running on the long, long Seabreak Path, you will see Flower Paradise, follow the muddy stairs and you will find a cutie Shaymin sitting at the middle of the Paradise, catch it, it is at level 30.

    I love Shaymin too, I have one now, hope you will have one as I do!

    Source(s): Me, if you want to copy this passage, send a E-mail to me to get permission
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  • 1 decade ago

    go to the grass patch in the corner

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