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急!What is the b.p and m.p of ozone?(15分)

I want to know the physical proporty of ozone, espectially for b.p & m.p.

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    Ozone gas (O3) is often generated as an undesirable pollutant in smog and industrial emissions. It is also produced for sterilisation and for cleaning and detoxification purposes and is s a "green" alternative to chlorine. Ozone in the atmosphere is a critical component for filtering damaging UV radiation. Pure ozone gas is a bluish colour. At low temperatures (-111.9°C) liquid ozone forms as a blue-black liquid and if generated is a potentially explosive and unstable oxidant. At lower temperatures (-193°C) the solid ozone is formed as a bluish-black solid.

    Physical Properties for Ozone


    Molecular Weight: 47.9982

    CAS (chemical abstract number):10028-15-6

    Melting Point (1 atm.): -111.9°C

    Boiling Point: -197.7°C

    Critical Temperature :-12.1°C

    Critical Pressure:54.6 atm.

    Density (gas) @ 0°C:2.144 g/L

    Density (liquid) -183°C:1.571 g/L

    Viscosity of Liquid -183°C :1.57 cp


    Ozone is a pale-blue poisonous gas with a sharp, irritating odor. Most people can detect about 0.01 ppm in air. Exposure to 0.1 to 1 ppm produces headaches, burning eyes, and irritation to the respiratory passages.

    At -112 °C, it forms a dark blue liquid. At temperatures below -193 °C, it forms a violet-black solid

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    bp is -112 oC

    mp is -193oC

    rmw is 48

    ozone is O3

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