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Why did the Suns trade James Jones?

I know they traded him for financial reasons, but I just don't get it. Isn't that the reason they traded Kurt Thomas, for cash b/c of Hill? And, James Jones was a highly underrated player, too. If Nash got him a corner three, Jones knocked it down. Luckilly for Jones, he was sent to Portland, and they'll be really good in a few years. So, I'm not sorry for him as of now. Plus, they have Oden next year, so they'll be fine. I just think that it was a very bad move for Phoenix. Jones basically had the same offensive ability as Shawn Marion (even better shooting), but no defense. Now, with Shaq in the post, they don't need outside D. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal now, but if (God fobid) a perimeter player gets injured, the Suns are gonna feel it. Despite all the controversy over the Shaq trade and Kurt Thomas, I still think that forfieting James Jones was the biggest mistake. Maybe we should just call it a "rookie's mistake" for Steve Kerr.


At first, I was a huge critic of the Shaq trade, but I eventually realized that I would've loved this trade, IF they would've kept James Jones. Really, Shaq for Marion is just post-D for perimeter-D, and to be honest, they need post-D more. Plus, Shaq could capitalize off his Defensive Rebounds, and spark the fast break with an outlet to an open Nash upcourt. Imagine that. I can see it. But, James Jones really would've helped out their halfcourt game when people underestimate him to double team Shaq. James Jones, you will be missed.

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    yeah, i liked james jones. that team gave up alot of talent. joe johnson. stephon marbury, shawn marion. and a decent q rich. they just love throwing all stars out the window

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