Ghost Hunters Jason And Grant?

Does Anyone Know what happened to them To Make them start Ghost hunting? Like Any Personal Expirence they had as Kids?

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    1 decade ago
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    they have never said, i guess because they feel it's their personal business. jason did say that the experience which happened to him happened while he was on a job site working for roto-rooter, and that he saw a full body apparition but thats as much detail as he went into. i have noticed a few things about them though: 1: have you ever noticed that when they catch an evp, especially female, it's always the same voice! and 2: they call themselves a non profit organization, but yet they are on the sci-fi channel payroll! 3: why is it that everytime they catch any evidence it is always their cameras or them personally who see them, not the sci-fi crew cameras. i think it's a con job myself but i could be wrong. 4: everything that happens can be explained, and usually the simplest explanation is the right one.

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    1 decade ago

    Strangely, they seem to want to avoid discussing the details which I find annoying. I also think it's annoying to watch a show where they expect to get evidence of a haunting on the first and only night they visit a location. That's highly unrealistic when you consider that ghost manifestations are rare, few and far between. A more credible investigation would be to spend atleast a month of consecutive nights at a location.

    I, as a former ghost hunter, have concluded that there are no haunted places...just haunted people.

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